• The Promise to Isaac, Part 1 Devotional

    Genesis 26:1–5

    As we have said repeatedly, our obedience does not earn us a place in the kingdom, it only shows that we possess the faith that lays hold of salvation (James 2:14–26). Redemption’s greatest blessing is the Lord’s presence (Gen. 26:3), which is tied to life, land, and progeny, because without His dwelling among us, the physical benefits of salvation are nothing. If you are a believer, the Spirit dwells within you even now and is working to enable you to honor God’s law. View Resource

  • The Lord Favors Isaac Devotional

    Genesis 26:6–16

    If you have made a foolish decision out of fear, know that God can redeem the situation for His glory if you repent and trust in Him. There is not one of us who will go through life without making at least one decision out of fear instead of faith. But just as the Lord used Isaac, an imperfect and timid disciple, so too will he use us even though we lack faith at times. Confess your fears to God and to others whom you trust so that your faith might be strengthened. For further study: View Resource

  • The Promise to Isaac, Part 2 Devotional

    Genesis 26:17–35

    Isaac’s quiet nature is one biblical example of the maxim: “Our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.” Peter’s eagerness to make himself heard also manifests this principle (Matt. 16:13–23). Take time today to consider that aspect of your personality that is a great strength and has brought you many benefits. Thank God for this gift. Try also to see how it is a weakness so that you may not think more highly of yourself than you ought (Rom. 12:3). View Resource