• Exit Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 25:1–18

    Our culture is presently obsessed with youth, but those righteous people who reach an old age are blessed indeed. For they have the benefit of seeing many instances of God’s good work in this world. They have also seen His forgiveness time and again, and can wisely advise others. If you have reached a good, old age, know that the Lord still desires to use you to further His plans, especially through prayer and counsel. Those who are young, treat your elders with respect. View Resource

  • Elderly, but Happy Devotional

    Genesis 25:8

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  • God’s Fidelity to Isaac Devotional

    Genesis 25:19–23

    It can be easy for us to get discouraged when we have prayed for years and it seems that God has not intervened in our situation. We can be tempted to give up interceding for that sick person or wayward friend when things do not improve. But the example of Isaac and Rebekah shows us that we must persevere in earnest prayer and not lose heart. Stay on your knees for the salvation of souls and other needs, for the Lord works in prayer even when we cannot yet see it. View Resource

  • Jacob and Esau Devotional

    Genesis 25:24–28

    At the end of the month we will spend some concentrated time on the doctrine of election, which is found illustrated in Genesis 25. For now, be reminded that if you are in Christ, God knew you from the foundation of the world and chose to set His effectual love on you. When we fear we have fallen too far, we should be reminded of the great love that first brought us to Jesus and even now will restore us upon repentance, no matter the gravity of our sin. View Resource

  • A Despised Birthright Devotional

    Genesis 25:29–34

    Matthew Henry comments: “The gratifying of the sensual appetite is that which ruins thousands of precious souls.” If we claim to be in Christ, we must be on guard lest the lusts of the flesh become settled in our hearts and give birth to death (James 1:14–15), thereby revealing our profession is false. Consider where you are apt to be most tempted to despise your birthright through sin. Seek accountability to overcome your sinful appetites (Gal. 6:1–3). View Resource