• A Wife for Isaac Devotional

    Genesis 24:1–4

    John Chrysostom comments, “The patriarch acted in this from concern for the soul’s virtue and abhorrence of the wickedness of the [Canaanite] inhabitants” (Homilies on Genesis, 48.8–9). Abraham’s chief concern was for Isaac to marry a covenant member. If you are single and looking for a spouse, this concern must be yours as well. If you have relatives or friends who want to marry, pray for them to find a believer and advise them to look for a Christian spouse. For further study: View Resource

  • God’s Will and Your Spouse Devotional

    Genesis 24

    Whether we are looking for a spouse ourselves or seeking to help another person discern a choice for marriage, we are to be guided by wisdom and the principles given in Scripture. Following these principles will help us make a good choice and give sound advice, and they can help us avoid many problems down the road after the wedding. View Resource

  • Abraham’s Last Request Devotional

    Genesis 24:5-9

    So often we can be like Elijah — thrown into despair over our present circumstances even though God has shown Himself faithful in days past (1 Kings 19:1–18). When doubts assail us, we do well to consider the Lord’s faithfulness to us in years gone by so that we can persevere in faith as we wait for Him to complete His good work in us. Take time to remember one example of God’s provision for you in the past and trust Him to provide in the future. View Resource

  • A Servant’s Prayer Devotional

    Genesis 24:10–14

    Matthew Henry writes, “Those who would have good success must pray for it.” Prayer is essential for determining the will of God, but the Lord will never lead us to make a choice contrary to the clear teachings of Scripture. If you are faced with a decision between two valid, biblical options, ask the Father to give you guidance. But do not pray if you are thinking about disobeying His Word. Instead, turn from any course that violates the plain teaching of Scripture. View Resource

  • Enter Rebekah Devotional

    Genesis 24:15–21

    We too can expect God to supply our needs magnificently just as He did for Abraham’s servant. It can be easy to forget, but the Lord whom we approach in prayer holds all things in His hand, and there is nothing too difficult for Him (Heb. 1:3a). Take time today to think of an answer to prayer that was far more amazing than you could have ever dreamed. Thank the Lord for His supply and let it remind you to ask Him to do wonderful things in your life. View Resource

  • The Worship of a Servant Devotional

    Genesis 24:22–28

    We are good at asking the Lord to give us certain things, but are we equally adept at thanking Him when He answers our prayers? Perhaps one reason why we forget to worship Him for His blessings is that we forget God’s work on our behalf in normal, every-day life. When we go about our business, let us be ever searching for ways to thank the Lord for the little things He gives us every day. When a blessing comes your way, stop and worship Him. View Resource

  • Rebekah’s Brother Laban Devotional

    Genesis 24:29–33

    Whether it happens now or in the new heavens and earth, God will make the wicked intentions of His enemies work for the good of His people. He may bring them to repentance and increase His kingdom as He did with Joseph’s brothers (Gen. 50:15–21). Or, the Lord might put our foes under our feet (2 Tim. 2:11–12a). Whatever course He adopts, take courage that though others around you may have questionable intentions, all will work out for your final good. View Resource

  • God’s Sovereign Favor Devotional

    Genesis 24:34–41

    God sovereignly chose to bless Abraham, and the history recounted in Genesis 24 shows us how He remained true to His promise to give many sons to the patriarch (12:1–3). All who believe in the Savior have already been sovereignly blessed with every spiritual blessing (Eph. 1:3), and the Lord’s control over all things gives us comfort and hope. Know that if you trust in Christ, God is straightening your path just as He did for Abraham’s servant. View Resource

  • Human Initiative Devotional

    Genesis 24:42–49

    Of course God’s secret decrees include every choice we will ever make. However, we are not to worry about what He has not revealed to us. Instead, we are called to obey His Word and spread His truth, knowing that the Lord will accomplish His plan through His people. Does your belief in God’s sovereignty motivate service, or have you become a fatalist and think your choices are of no importance to Him? View Resource

  • Rebekah Chooses to Go Devotional

    Genesis 24:50–59

    Moses’ original audience, those Israelites redeemed from slavery in Egypt, faced a choice. Would they go into the great unknown with Moses, whom God clearly selected to be their leader, or would they stay in Egypt, the land they knew? Like Rebekah, they were called to trust in the Lord for their future and go, not worrying about the unknown. Christ calls us to do the same. If fear has kept you from obeying His call, repent today and do the work He has given you. View Resource

  • A Blessing for Rebekah Devotional

    Genesis 24:60–61

    In the time between Christ’s first and second advent, our triumph over the Lord’s enemies is made manifest primarily through our spiritual warfare. Any time a sinner that we are praying for turns to Jesus, every time a fallen believer repents under the work of church discipline, we see evidence of the Savior’s conquering power in our lives. Are you seeing spiritual victories in your life? If not, it may be due to a lack of prayer and initiative in proclaiming the Gospel. View Resource

  • Isaac Marries Rebekah Devotional

    Genesis 24:62–67

    Isaac was meditating in the field alone in today’s passage (Gen. 24:63). Matthew Henry comments, “Meditation and prayer ought to be both our business and our delight when we are alone.” In light of our discussion on decision making, we cannot expect God to guide us if we do not meet with Him in prayer like Isaac and the servant did in chapter 24. Find a day in the next month when you can devote several hours to solitary prayer and meditation. View Resource