• Just as Promised Devotional

    Genesis 21:1–3

    Our God is trustworthy, and He will surely fulfill all of His promises even if we may have to wait for the resurrection to see His kingdom in all its fullness. Our Father is faithful today to work in you and cleanse you of sin and to supply you with everything you need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). Know that like He did with Abraham and Sarah, God will come through for you and will complete the good work He has begun in you (Phil. 1:6). View Resource

  • Isaac Recieves the Sign Devotional

    Genesis 21:4–5

    God’s sovereign and powerful work of salvation frees us to obey Him with joy. We do not have to suffer under the burden of having our own efforts measure up, for we obey in gratitude because Christ’s faithfulness has satisfied the Lord’s covenant. Our responsibility is real and obligatory and is yet the most freeing submission we have (1 John 5:3). Are you viewing obedience as a burden? Ask the Spirit to make you one who yearns to serve Him with great joy. View Resource

  • He Who Laughs Last Devotional

    Genesis 21:6–7

    Matthew Henry comments: “God’s favors to his covenant people are such as surpass both their own and others’ thoughts and expectations. Who would have said that God should send his Son to die for us, his Spirit to sanctify us, his angels to attend us? Who would have said that such great sins should be pardoned?” Sarah laughed with joy at the incredible move of the Lord in her life. We must likewise never forget the wonder, joy, and surprise of our salvation. View Resource

  • Ishmael Cast Out Devotional

    Genesis 21:8–14

    The removal of Ishmael proves God is continually working to advance His kingdom and remove the threats to His people. Sometimes the advance of His reign requires that He protect us. Other times we may have to suffer and hope in our final rescue in order that the knowledge of the Lord may increase. Consider the many ways God may be protecting you while you drive or go about your business. Thank Him for promising eternal safety to His people. View Resource

  • God Rescues Ishmael Devotional

    Genesis 21:15–21

    John Chrysostom comments: “The grace of God is the greatest security and the most impregnable fortification” (Homilies on Genesis 46.7–8). Though all outward circumstances might testify otherwise, the Lord’s people know that He is their rock and will sustain them through death for an eternal, resurrected life. Are you facing a losing battle this day? Look to God to sustain you and know that though storms may blow, you will be safe for eternity in His arms. View Resource

  • Abimelech and Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 21:22–34

    Christians are called first and foremost to be peacemakers in the church. Every time we refuse to repent when we sin, we threaten the peace of God’s people. If we continually bring up the offenses of those who we claim to have forgiven, we are not making peace with those who desire to share in the blessings of the covenant. With whom do you need to make peace today? Be reconciled through forgiveness of or repentance toward the person with whom you are not getting along. View Resource