• God Creates the Universe Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2:3

    What informs your understanding of the world around you? Do you seek meaning and value from the surrounding culture or do you look to God’s Word to give you these things? The worldview of the cultures in which we live can powerfully shape our understanding of what is good, true, and beautiful, but Scripture is to judge which of these beliefs are true and which are false. Let us look to God’s Word to define the meaning and purpose for our lives. View Resource

  • Our Purpose Devotional

    Genesis 1:1-2:3

    If our original purpose is to shine forth God’s image to creation, then the importance of our obedience to His will takes on new significance. When our goodness and mercy align with His standards, we reveal His pure character to the nations. As we pursue justice, we glorify Him as the only just Judge and remind people that they have no choice but to repent and serve Him. It is a great privilege to bear God’s image, so let us do so gladly. View Resource

  • Recalling Our Purpose Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2:3

    We may not often think about it, but when we do good to others we are doing more than just obeying the Lord’s command. Since God is the one who pours out His common grace upon all creation, every good deed we do is actually an imitation of His goodness to us. How have you imitated the Lord this week? Have you shown mercy to someone? Have you provided for someone in need? What good work can you do today in imitation of Christ? View Resource

  • Recalling Our Purpose Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2:3

    When Adam and Eve fell, the image of God was marred in them and in all of their descendants. However, God was gracious and provided redemption for this image in the person of Jesus — the supreme image of God. Take some time to meditate on the character of Christ, and ask the Holy Spirit to conform you to His image. View Resource

  • Caring for Our House Devotional

    Genesis 1:1-2:15

    Biblical stewardship is more than just choosing where to spend money. God’s servants think long-term, looking to leave their offspring an inheritance and to contribute to the kingdom’s advance even after they are gone (Prov. 13:22). Proper allocation of time in the present must also be done with the future in view. Investing time with your children and in the church today can reap rewards in the years ahead. Do you think long-term with your time and money? View Resource

  • Creation Ordinances Devotional

    Genesis 1-2

    In this day and age, there is a great temptation for the church in the United States to think that its mission is coextensive with the platform of one or more of the political parties in this country. Yet while we must never be guilty of this error, it does not follow that the church is to be silent on current policies that violate God’s natural law. The state must ever be reminded that it is under the authority of God and the laws He has established in nature. View Resource

  • God Rested Devotional

    Genesis 2:1-3

    How do you spend your time on Sundays? Are you attending a church where you can worship and fellowship with other believers? Do you spend a restful day with your family and friends, or do you labor in ways that are best kept for other days of the week? When was the last time you visited someone in need? Take some time today and plan to visit someone this Sunday after you worship with your local congregation. View Resource

  • The Tree of Life Devotional

    Genesis 2:1–16

    Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden was awful indeed, yet God’s grace was evident even in this punishment. For the Lord’s people, death is a release from the evils of this world, as eternal life in a fallen creation would also mean eternal pain. Death will be finally defeated when Christ returns, but until then even the horror of death is, paradoxically, a gracious gift to the Christian. While death is not in itself good, God does use it to free His people from further pain. View Resource

  • The Garden of Eden Devotional

    Genesis 2:10-14

    John Calvin comments on Genesis 2:8 that Adam “had been bountifully enriched by the Lord with innumerable benefits, from the enjoyment of which he might infer the paternal benevolence of God.” Are you living a life of gratitude for the numerous spiritual and material blessings in your life? Make a list of seven of the most important things God has provided for you and spend time thanking Him for them today. View Resource

  • Finding Your Vocation Devotional

    Genesis 2:15

    Ultimately, finding a vocation that is right for us is quite simple. We only need to find work that would be sanctioned by God’s Word and for which we are gifted. We do not need to peer into the hidden mysteries of God, which is impossible anyway. We only have to ask ourselves what we like to do and how we can provide for ourselves and our families while doing it. View Resource

  • The Fitting Job For You Devotional

    Genesis 2:15

    Even if we find ourselves in jobs that would not be our first choice, we can find joy in our work as we seek to serve God in them. In all that we do, we are not serving merely ourselves or our employers; rather, we are also serving the Lord. In fact, we are serving Him first and foremost. No matter what we do, we should do it as unto God, for we will receive from Him a great reward (Col. 3:22-25). View Resource

  • Taking Care of Home Devotional

    Genesis 2:15

    Whether macroeconomics or microeconomics, the science of economics from a biblical perspective is about stewardship. Ultimately, everything that we own belongs to God. He graciously gives it to us for us to manage. Thus, we are responsible to use His resources to provide for our families, and we are to protect and increase what the Lord has given to us (Lev. 19:23–25; Prov. 13:22; 1 Cor. 9:7). God will hold us accountable for what we do with His creation. View Resource

  • The Covenant of Works Devotional

    Genesis 2:15-17

    Adam represented all of his naturally conceived-and-born descendants in Eden, which means that when he broke the covenant, we were all declared covenant breakers. We enter the world bound to fulfill the covenant of works and yet already condemned for having broken it. All people know this in their heart of hearts, and they try to atone for it by their good works. But only the works of Christ can save us, and we must encourage people to trust not in themselves but in Christ. View Resource

  • Covenant of Works I Devotional

    Genesis 2:15-17

    It is a sobering truth to realize that God still requires perfect obedience from us. His requirements do not change and we have no excuse for disobeying Him. Since we cannot obey God, we must trust in the perfect obedience of Christ to save us. Confess your reliance upon the obedience of Christ to bring you to salvation. View Resource

  • Covenant of Works, Part 1 Devotional

    Genesis 2:15–17

    Fallen people can by no means get God to save them; He redeems according to the good pleasure of His will. Until the day we are fully and finally glorified, however, we who are in Christ are in a position similar to Adam in that we can choose good or evil. As the Holy Spirit works in our lives we will, over time, find ourselves more quick to repent and do what is good. Do you have somebody in your life who is encouraging you to pursue holiness? View Resource