• The Angels and Lot Devotional

    Genesis 19:1–3

    John Chrysostom, one of the finest preachers from the early church, says of Lot: “How could you help being amazed at his exceeding humility and the fervor with which he displayed his hospitality?” (Homilies on Genesis 4.3.10). Our eagerness to receive and provide for visitors is one indication that our faith is real (Heb. 13:2). What can you do to show hospitality to someone? Consider inviting friends or neighbors to share a meal with you this week. View Resource

  • The Men of Sodom Devotional

    Genesis 19:4–5

    Some of those reading this study today may struggle with homosexual compulsions or other sexual sins. If this is the case, know that there is freedom in Christ if you repent and mortify these desires by the Spirit. The Lord has promised to provide a way out of temptation (1 Cor. 10:13), and this involves running from places or situations where we are pressed to give in to sin and finding someone who can help bear our burdens and thus hold us accountable (Gal. 6:2). View Resource

  • Struck with Blindness Devotional

    Genesis 19:6–11

    Lot’s foolish and deplorable attempt to sacrifice the welfare of his daughters shows how easy it can be for believers to commit an evil act in the attempt to stop another one. Therefore, as John Calvin comments, we must “pray that he [the Lord] may govern us by the spirit of prudence; and that he will never suffer us to be deprived of a sound judgment, and a well-regulated reason.” Go before the Almighty today and ask Him to supply you with His wisdom. View Resource

  • Get Out of This Place Devotional

    Genesis 19:12–14

    According to Matthew Henry, today’s passage shows us that those who are saved by grace should proclaim the Gospel to their relatives. Unfortunately, we sometimes impair our witness to non-believing family members by living too much like the surrounding culture. The world has no justification to look for us to be perfect, but it does have reason to expect us to quickly repent whenever we have wronged others, especially if they are related to us. View Resource

  • Rescued from Sodom Devotional

    Genesis 19:15–22

    There are innumerable ways in which we can become too attached to this sinful world, even if we trust in Christ. One danger is materialism, evident, for example, when we put too much value in goods or when we neglect our families and work too much overtime so that we can maintain a certain lifestyle. Like Lot, we may begin to serve our creature comforts and the evil standards of an ungodly culture. Consider if you have done this in your life. View Resource

  • Never Look Back Devotional

    Genesis 19:23–26

    Some of you reading today’s study may be newborn Christians and especially tempted to engage in the sinful activities that once defined your lives. Others may be susceptible to looking to the culture to determine their attitudes and treasures. Whatever the case may be, all of us can unwittingly fall back into sin if we are not careful. Pray that you would be wary of the devil’s wiles and avoid places of temptation this day. View Resource

  • The Power of Prayer Devotional

    Genesis 19:27–29

    The bishop of Hippo, Augustine, had a mother who prayed for decades for his salvation, and the Lord doubtless used these prayers to move upon him, leading him to become one of the most influential theologians the world has ever known. Have you been praying for what seems like an eternity for a non-believing friend or family member? Do not give up now, for God may remember you like He remembered Abraham and grant salvation to your loved one. View Resource

  • Lot and His Daughters Devotional

    Genesis 19:30–36

    Chapter 17 of the Westminster Confession of Faith summarizes the Bible’s teaching on perseverance, arguing that those with faith may fall grievously, but they will not fall away finally. Lot fell greviously and yet not totally out of the Lord’s hand. Nevertheless, he lost his property and his honor. If we love the sinful world too much, we may also fall under God’s discipline, and thus we must strive to walk in holiness lest we lose our good name and possibly our livelihood. View Resource

  • Moabites and Ammonites Devotional

    Genesis 19:37–38

    Children often repeat the sins of their parents, and so the later enmity between Israel and the peoples of Ammon and Moab is not surprising. Just as the sons of Jacob were not to follow the evil customs of these nations but instead be a light to them (Isa. 42:6–7), so too must the church, the Israel of God today (Gal. 6:16), strive to point ungodly people to Christ. Pray for a friend who does not know Jesus and seek opportunities to share your faith with him. View Resource