• Circumcised in the Flesh Devotional

    Genesis 17:1–14

    Baptism is the counterpart to circumcision in the new covenant (Col. 2:8–15), and it is therefore a mark of God’s possession of us. We are “branded” by the Lord in our baptism, and every time we witness a baptism we should be reminded of the mark we carry and that we belong to Him. This should also remind us that, being His possession, we are required to fulfill the obligations He puts on us to love both God and neighbor (Luke 10:25–27). View Resource

  • Walk Before Me Devotional

    Genesis 17:1–2

    The Lord calls Himself “God Almighty” in Genesis 17 to remind Abram of the power He gives His people to walk before Him. Indeed, as John Calvin says, “There is no other method of living piously and justly, than that of depending upon God.” If you trust in Christ, the omnipotent Lord of all is on your side to help you fight against remaining sin. When you are tempted today, look to His power to resist transgression and love others. View Resource

  • You and Your Offspring Devotional

    Genesis 17:1–14

    The church is not infallible, but the church is wise. We should, therefore, take its tradition and guidance seriously. In the matter of baptism, church tradition is overwhelmingly on the side of baptizing adult Christians and their infant children. This does not necessarily make the practice right, but it does put the burden of proof on those who would break with the tradition, for the church has long understood the Bible to teach infant baptism. View Resource

  • Covenant Conditionality Devotional

    Genesis 17:1-2

    Though we must meet certain covenant conditions, salvation is ultimately all of grace because God elects only some to salvation, giving them the ability to trust Him, which is not ours by nature as Adam’s fallen children. Nevertheless, the elect of God prove their election when they repent and trust in Christ for salvation. If we don’t have faith and repentance, we cannot presume that we are elect, and if we are elect, we will have faith and repentance (Acts 13:48). View Resource

  • Baptism and Children Devotional

    Genesis 17

    The sacraments are primarily about God and His promises, not about us and our response. To baptize only those who have professed faith may run the risk of making baptism more about our response to God than about God’s initiative in saving us. No matter our position on baptism, we should think carefully about our theology of the sacraments and its implications. View Resource

  • Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 17:3–5

    As we have said time and again this year, all those with faith in Jesus are counted as one of Abraham’s true sons, just as Christ is the true seed of Abraham (Gal. 3:29). If we trust in the Messiah, all of the blessings of Abraham have come to us in part and will be completed when Jesus returns. Our only response can be to worship Him in gratitude and pledge our fealty to Him. Take time to worship Him today and renew your commitment to serve the Lord. View Resource

  • Nations and Kings Devotional

    Genesis 17:6–7

    In his commentary, Matthew Henry tells us this passage teaches that “what God is himself, that he will be to his people: his wisdom theirs, to guide and counsel them; his power theirs, to protect and support them; his goodness theirs, to supply and comfort them.” All of the Lord’s people can be encouraged that His power, wisdom, and goodness are resting upon them. Are you feeling weak this day? Know that God is with you and will sustain you in your need. View Resource

  • Keep My Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 17:8–9

    The New Testament tells us we can be sure we have a persevering faith in Jesus if we maintain right doctrine (1 John 2:22–23), love other Christians (3:14), and obey Christ’s commands (2:3–6). While we will not be perfect in this, we will endeavor to do these things and repent whenever we see we are not doing them as we should (1:8–10; 2:1–2). If we do these things, we walk blamelessly. Be assured that you are in Christ if you trust Christ alone. View Resource

  • You and Your Offspring Devotional

    Genesis 17:10

    The believer’s children are set apart unto God. They will be the recipients of greater blessings than those outside the church, but they will also be held more accountable for their service to Christ (Luke 12:35–48). Are you raising your children to fear the Lord? Do you pray with them, read Scripture, and take them to worship? If you have children at home, make sure to do these things. If not, contribute time and resources to the educational ministry of your church. View Resource

  • Native and Foreigner Devotional

    Genesis 17:11–13

    Like the rainbow given after the great flood, circumcision testifies to the Lord’s gracious salvation from judgment. The rainbow guarantees God will never totally flood the earth again and will thus preserve a portion of humanity from destruction. Circumcision reveals that God Himself, by grace, provides the only perfect man, the Lord Jesus Christ, who can rescue us from damnation. As you read Genesis 17, reflect on our Creator’s faithfulness in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Cut Off Devotional

    Genesis 17:14

    The visible/invisible church distinction and the reality toward which circumcision points make this discussion all the more meaningful. Today, consider your thoughts on church discipline. Do you understand the authority elders have to discipline those in flagrant sin? Understand that to be cut off from the church is a fearful consequence; therefore, support your elders through righteous living and prayer. View Resource

  • Sarah Devotional

    Genesis 17:15

    While our sin can cause the Lord’s discipline to come upon us, it cannot finally prevent His kindness from resting on us, if indeed He has mercifully determined to save us. The elect of God are not to take this for granted; they instead seek to please Him by discerning His will, repenting of sin, and following His commandments. Do you feel you have done something to block the Lord’s kindness? Turn to Him in repentance and obey His will revealed in Scripture. View Resource

  • Abraham Laughed Devotional

    Genesis 17:16–17

    Sarah helps us understand that all those who by faith identify themselves with Abraham’s Lord and family shall be included in the promises to Him. It seemed incredible for God to bless Abraham with royal descendants, and it is often hard for us to see that God is continuing to do this in the church today, given the problems we face. But the Lord is indeed bringing this word to pass, and He uses our prayers and outreach to grow Abraham’s family. View Resource

  • Call His Name Isaac Devotional

    Genesis 17:18–19

    The principles of how we are to act in certain situations are clearly given in Scripture. Yet, like Abraham, we can be guilty of going our own way. When the Lord plainly makes His intent for us known, we must dutifully obey Him, even if it is not something we want to do. For instance, God calls us to forgive those who are hard to forgive and to trust that He will provide for us as we give to others. Strive to forgive just as God in Christ forgave you. View Resource

  • This Time Next Year Devotional

    Genesis 17:20–21

    We are reminded that salvation is wholly from God when we see the many miraculous births in Scripture. Of course, the preeminent example of this is Jesus’ nativity, as He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. This same Spirit is given to all who believe on Christ to empower them to live unto holiness (1 Cor. 12:13). If you are a Christian, be encouraged that the One who has saved you is the One who empowers you to serve Him. View Resource