• Abram’s Shield Devotional

    Genesis 15:1

    John Calvin wrote that today’s passage reminds us of God’s care to preserve us in safety under His hand and to protect us by His power. Even though we suffer many troubles in this life, the Lord has promised to preserve His people for their glorious reward in the new heavens and the new earth. Do you doubt God’s care? Pray that He would guard you now and that you might trust in His eternal protection, even if you are called to lay down your life for the faith. View Resource

  • The Covenant Of Faith-Righteousness Devotional

    Genesis 15

    What is to be our response to the Abrahamic covenant? It is to forsake any claim to merit that we might think we have and to rest on Christ alone for salvation. We must continually turn to Jesus in faith, repenting of our sin and admitting that we have no merit of our own. Let us trust in Christ this day and exhort others to do so as well. View Resource

  • The Faithful God Devotional

    Genesis 15:1–21

    It is easy for Christians to talk about the trustworthiness of our God. Sometimes, however, we discuss God’s faithfulness openly without really believing that He will fulfill His promises to us. Look at your life to find areas where you need to trust God more, and pray that the Lord would increase your trust in Him. View Resource

  • God Assumes the Covenant Curse Devotional

    Genesis 15

    Abraham’s descendants—the people of Israel—failed to uphold their covenant obligations. All they deserved was death and the consequences of failing the covenant. However, God showed Himself willing to take on the curse Abraham’s descendants deserved, thereby upholding divine justice even while fulfilling the covenant Himself. That is the great love of God—He does not let our sin and failures stop Him from blessing His chosen. View Resource

  • God’s Promise to Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 15

    Obviously, God cannot cease being God. Thus, there is no chance that the Lord will fail to keep His promise to Abraham. As we look at history, we see that our Creator is keeping His pledge to the patriarch. Abraham has many descendants of faith, men and women who trust in His greatest Son—the Lord Jesus Christ. Despite its imperfections, the church universal proves that God is fulfilling His promises and will keep every other one that He has made to His people. View Resource

  • The Necessity of Oaths Devotional

    Genesis 15

    Christians are to be so trustworthy that no one would need to demand an oath of us in ordinary circumstances in order to be sure that we will keep our word. In the context of making a solemn covenant, however, things are different. At such times, making a vow is quite appropriate. In fact, we should desire to make the oath so that we are reminded that others will hold us accountable if we should violate our word. View Resource

  • Occasions for Oaths Devotional

    Genesis 15

    The fact that God swore an oath when He initiated the Abrahamic covenant demonstrates that oaths are appropriate when we make life-regulating agreements. Remarkably, society has always recognized this through things like marriage vows, ordination vows, and, to a lesser degree, business contracts. If you are married, find a way to reaffirm your vows with your spouse. Whatever your marital status, ask God to help you keep any other vows you have taken. View Resource

  • Our Faithful God Devotional

    Genesis 15:1-21

    God has two “choices”: He can keep His promise or He can die. But since God, in fact, cannot die because of His very nature, there is only one real option left to Him when He makes a covenant, and that is to keep His promise. Because of who the Lord is, there is no way He can fail to keep His oaths. We can trust God because His very nature precludes Him from breaking His promises View Resource

  • Abram Desires an Heir Devotional

    Genesis 15:2–3

    God knows our struggles to trust His Word, and He wants us to lean on Him when times like these arise. But we must be willing to admit it. If you have trouble believing God today, go before Him with humility and confess your doubt, asking Him to strengthen your trust in His Word. Confide in a brother or sister who can encourage you. Whether or not you are doubting, seek out opportunities in your local church that will equip you to disciple other Christians. View Resource

  • Number the Stars Devotional

    Genesis 15:4–5

    The Lord’s promise to make Abram a great nation is being fulfilled even today. As you read this devotional, there are people all across the globe hearing of Jesus for the first time, and many are trusting in Him alone for salvation. Yet so much work remains to be done. Congregants need training from pastors, and missionaries need funding. Spend some time in focused prayer today for a missionary who is heralding the good news of God’s saving grace. View Resource

  • Faith and Righteousness Devotional

    Genesis 15:6

    How have you responded to the promises God offers to you in His Word? Do you stand as Abram did with humility and lean on the Lord and His promises? Have you obeyed Him today? Has your professed trust issued forth in love of God and your neighbor, or have you ignored the opportunities around you? If you have faith in Christ, you are counted righteous and have free access to His presence. Show forth your faith and lovingly serve another person today. View Resource

  • Abram’s Question Devotional

    Genesis 15:7–8

    One of the most important reasons why we must gather together with other believers regularly is to find support in our struggles. We are also to exhort others to press on and persevere, seeking to hold each other accountable as disciples of the risen Savior. Do you have accountability in your life? Consider gathering for a short time each week with a few other Christians for mutual prayer, encouragement, and exhortation. View Resource

  • Abrahamic Covenant II Devotional

    Genesis 15:7-21

    At this point in the Abrahamic covenant, God takes it upon Himself to make sure the covenant is fulfilled. But God was making Himself responsible for this long before Abraham was born. God’s children are His solely due to His electing grace. Remember that you are a believer only because God chose you. View Resource

  • The Abrahamic Covenant, Part 2 Devotional

    Genesis 15:7–21

    Our salvation is wholly of the Lord. He took the initiative in becoming incarnate to keep the covenant on our behalf and then died a violent death, which God intended to save us from the covenant curse (Gal. 3:10–14). We must respond in faith, and He is the one who gives us the faith (Eph. 2:8–9). Let us remember these great truths and, knowing that we have done nothing to earn salvation, live as humble servants of the kingdom. View Resource

  • God’s Sign to Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 15:7-21

    God gave Abraham a tangible sign of His faithfulness through the covenant-making ceremony recorded in Genesis 15. He gives His church tangible signs of faithfulness as well. Baptism tells us that our sins are washed away when we believe on Christ, and the Lord’s Supper reminds us of His death while nurturing our union with Him as we feed on Him—not carnally and corporally but by faith. Let us not neglect these means of grace for strengthening our faith. View Resource