• Kingly Conflict Devotional

    Genesis 14:1–7

    As we will soon see, the mighty kings of Ellasar, Goiim, Shinar, and Elam were no match for Abram, a faithful covenant keeper. Though the kingdoms of this world may rage against the Lord, in the end they will be no match for Christ Jesus, the perfect covenant keeper. In our day we see much warfare, but as Christians we should be the most at peace. Take some time to pray about any anxiety you may have so that you may be confident in Christ. View Resource

  • Lot’s Kidnapping Devotional

    Genesis 14:8–12

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage, writing, “The more closely we are connected with the wicked and the ungodly, when God pours down his vengeance on them, the more quickly does the scourge come upon us.” We must be on guard against the temptation to hope in our citizenship in this wicked world, for if we do, we may find ourselves severely disciplined as Lot was. Do you confuse your love for country, culture, or ethnicity with your love for Christ? View Resource

  • Abram Rescues Lot Devotional

    Genesis 14:13–16

    The church will vanquish the kingdom of Satan (Matt. 16:18), but this does not mean we will be free from setbacks along the way (Acts 8:1–3; 12:1–5). Still, we know we will be liberated from suffering when Jesus returns (Rev. 19:11–21). Until then, we have a responsibility to wage war through serving others, prayer, evangelism, and ministries of mercy. Look for opportunities in your own community to serve Christ’s kingdom in these ways. View Resource

  • Blessed Be Abram Devotional

    Genesis 14:17–20

    Abram’s tithe to the king of Salem is illustrative of what the people of God must do for the kingdom. Today, review your finances and look at how you schedule your time. Consider giving more of your time and money to the work of the church. Also, think of an individual who has blessed you with friendship, guidance, or some kind of material benefit. Make sure that you find a way to express your gratitude to that person if you have not done so already. View Resource

  • Melchizedek Blesses Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 14:17–20

    John Calvin comments on today’s passage: “The same Person, therefore, who was constituted the only and eternal Priest, in order that he might reconcile us to God, and who, having made expiation, might intercede for us, is also a King of infinite power to secure our salvation, and to protect us by his guardian care.” That which was true of Melchizedek is even more true of Christ Jesus, and for that we must be grateful. View Resource

  • The King of Sodom Devotional

    Genesis 14:21–24

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “The people of God must, for their credit’s sake, take heed of doing anything that looks wicked or mercenary, or that savors of covetousness and self-seeking.” Appearances can be deceiving. We must take care not to accept gifts given under false pretenses or which might bring reproach to Christ. Be wise when it comes to accepting presents and do not give gifts in order to exercise control over others. View Resource