• The Return to Canaan Devotional

    Genesis 13:1-4

    All of those who are in Christ are also the Israel of God (Gal. 6:16). We can therefore expect that God is moving to provide for His faithful servants just as He did under the old covenant, even if it may seem at times that God has left this world behind. If you feel trapped by difficult circumstances, be encouraged that if you know Jesus, you are sharing in His sufferings, and thus you have the hope of eternal resurrected life. View Resource

  • There Was Strife Devotional

    Genesis 13:5–7

    If we are not careful, we can allow the good gifts of the Creator to bring difficulties to our lives. Parents who favor one child over another can provoke envy between siblings and enmity between parent and child. Likewise, when the Lord blesses us with wealth, our sinful hearts might begin to serve the gift rather than the gift-giver. How are you using your blessings from God? Thank the Lord for His gifts and strive to be equitable and charitable with your resources. View Resource

  • Abram Settled Devotional

    Genesis 13:8–13

    Ambrose of Milan comments, “Let us not then choose that which is more pleasing at first sight but that which is truly better” (On Abraham 2.6.35). A seemingly good choice made in haste can lead to spiritual disaster. Are you facing a major decision such as taking a new job or moving to a new city? Will doing any of these mean leaving a good church or going to a place of many temptations? Make sure to consider such factors in all of your life-changing decisions. View Resource

  • Abram Moved His Tent Devotional

    Genesis 13:14–18

    While we who live under the new covenant know even more of the rich country awaiting us when Jesus returns (Rev. 21), even Abram understood that to trust God is better than hoarding treasures for ourselves right now. If we believe in the Lord’s promises, we will worship Him freely and give to others liberally. Your generosity with your resources evidences trust in your heavenly Father. Show your confidence in His Word and give to someone in need today. View Resource