• God’s Concern for the Nations Devotional

    Genesis 10

    Though we in no uncertain terms disagree with his Arminianism, John Wesley’s sentiment on the need for world evangelization is one that all Christians should share: “I look upon all the world as my parish; thus far I mean, that, in whatever part of it I am, I judge it meet, right, and my bounden duty to declare unto all that are willing to hear the glad tidings of salvation.” In what ways are you making manifest God’s love for the nations? View Resource

  • The Table of Nations Devotional

    Genesis 10:1–32

    Even though God’s blessing rests upon Shem’s line, the separation of humanity into different peoples and cultures as judgment for sin (Gen. 11:1–9) serves His purposes. The Lord is the One who allows any society to flourish, and we can look back in history and see how the knowledge and technologies developed even by pagan peoples has helped the church extend the Gospel. Thank the Lord for His wise providence, and seek to make all things serve His kingdom. View Resource