• Abimelech and Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 21:22–34

    Christians are called first and foremost to be peacemakers in the church. Every time we refuse to repent when we sin, we threaten the peace of God’s people. If we continually bring up the offenses of those who we claim to have forgiven, we are not making peace with those who desire to share in the blessings of the covenant. With whom do you need to make peace today? Be reconciled through forgiveness of or repentance toward the person with whom you are not getting along. View Resource

  • Abraham Devotional

    Genesis 17:3–5

    As we have said time and again this year, all those with faith in Jesus are counted as one of Abraham’s true sons, just as Christ is the true seed of Abraham (Gal. 3:29). If we trust in the Messiah, all of the blessings of Abraham have come to us in part and will be completed when Jesus returns. Our only response can be to worship Him in gratitude and pledge our fealty to Him. Take time to worship Him today and renew your commitment to serve the Lord. View Resource

  • Abraham Blessed Devotional

    Genesis 20:14–18

    Christians may never unwittingly take another person’s spouse into a harem like Abimelech did, and yet they may unwittingly put their own marriages at risk by developing friendships with the opposite sex that are deeper than they ought to be. Scripture calls us all to live beyond reproach (1 Tim. 5:7), and we must take care that we do not become intimate with a person of the opposite sex who is not our spouse. View Resource

  • Abraham Buries Sarah Devotional

    Genesis 23:17–20

    Have you recently suffered the death of a loved one? Maybe you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening disease. If you are struggling with sadness, go before the Lord and ask Him to renew your hope in His promises. Look to Abraham’s grief as a model for how to persevere in difficult circumstances. If death has not recently affected your life, go and offer support and encouragement to a grieving person. View Resource

  • The Abrahamic Covenant Devotional

    Genesis 12:1-2

    Faith demonstrates that justification is the work of God to which we contribute nothing. Justifying faith receives and rests in the Lord’s promises through Jesus Christ and nothing else. Abraham was declared righteous because He recognized that the Lord justifies us apart from our efforts. We are justified when we recognize this, that only He can ensure the success of His covenant promises, which He has kept in Christ Jesus our Lord. View Resource

  • Abrahamic Covenant I Devotional

    Genesis 12:1-3

    We will never bring about the kingdom of God ourselves. We, like Abraham, are utterly dependent upon God for all of His promises to come to pass. He will bring them about with or without us. As you seek to serve the Lord, remember that God can bring the kingdom without you but has graciously determined to use you anyway. View Resource

  • Abrahamic Covenant II Devotional

    Genesis 15:7-21

    At this point in the Abrahamic covenant, God takes it upon Himself to make sure the covenant is fulfilled. But God was making Himself responsible for this long before Abraham was born. God’s children are His solely due to His electing grace. Remember that you are a believer only because God chose you. View Resource

  • Abrahamic Covenant, Part 1 Devotional

    Genesis 12:1–3

    In the final analysis, our sin and corruption mean that if the Lord is going to accomplish His purposes, He must be the one to act. Though we endeavor to serve Him at all times, we also know that our success is due only to His intervention, and we should ask Him to guide us in all of our efforts. Let us remember that we are not self-sufficient and that we are counting on Him to work for our good in all things. View Resource

  • The Abrahamic Covenant, Part 2 Devotional

    Genesis 15:7–21

    Our salvation is wholly of the Lord. He took the initiative in becoming incarnate to keep the covenant on our behalf and then died a violent death, which God intended to save us from the covenant curse (Gal. 3:10–14). We must respond in faith, and He is the one who gives us the faith (Eph. 2:8–9). Let us remember these great truths and, knowing that we have done nothing to earn salvation, live as humble servants of the kingdom. View Resource

  • Abraham Laughed Devotional

    Genesis 17:16–17

    Sarah helps us understand that all those who by faith identify themselves with Abraham’s Lord and family shall be included in the promises to Him. It seemed incredible for God to bless Abraham with royal descendants, and it is often hard for us to see that God is continuing to do this in the church today, given the problems we face. But the Lord is indeed bringing this word to pass, and He uses our prayers and outreach to grow Abraham’s family. View Resource

  • Abraham Passes His Test Devotional

    Genesis 22:11–12

    Matthew Henry writes, “The best evidence of our fearing God is our being willing to serve and honor him with that which is dearest to us.” There are many ways in which we can do this. It may mean using your talents at a job with a lower comparative wage in order to do ministry more effectively. Or, perhaps you need to give up some time to serve the church? Do not hesitate to offer the sacrifice God is asking of you, and you will be assured that He knows you. View Resource

  • Abraham Rebuked Devotional

    Genesis 20:8–13

    John Calvin astutely comments on what this passage tells us about our need to pray for our leaders. Because the sin of the king can also be easily imitated by the people, we must therefore earnestly “beseech God to govern, by his Spirit, those whom he has placed in authority over us”; and then, to preserve our country “exempt and pure from all iniquity.” Do you pray regularly for your local and national leaders? Pray they would rule in wisdom and righteousness. View Resource

  • Abraham’s Extraordinary God Devotional

    Genesis 22:17

    View Resource

  • Abraham’s Greatest Test Devotional

    Genesis 22:1

    John Calvin writes, “The Lord, indeed, is so indulgent to our infirmity, that he does not thus severely and sharply try our faith: yet he intended in the father of all the faithful, to propose an example by which he might call us to a general trial of faith.” God will not test us as He did Abraham, yet He nevertheless will bring trials into our lives to strengthen our faith and bring us assurance. If you are facing a test of faith today, know that God can sustain you if you trust in Him. View Resource

  • Abraham’s Last Request Devotional

    Genesis 24:5-9

    So often we can be like Elijah — thrown into despair over our present circumstances even though God has shown Himself faithful in days past (1 Kings 19:1–18). When doubts assail us, we do well to consider the Lord’s faithfulness to us in years gone by so that we can persevere in faith as we wait for Him to complete His good work in us. Take time to remember one example of God’s provision for you in the past and trust Him to provide in the future. View Resource