• The Gift of the Spirit Devotional

    Galatians 3:1–5

    Good works are not wholly absent from the Christian life. They do not earn God’s favor, but they do prove that we have faith (James 2:14–26). Martin Luther says good works “ought to be done not as the cause, but as the fruits of righteousness. When we are made righteous, we ought to do them, but not contrariwise, to the end that when we are unrighteous, we may, by these, be made righteous. The tree makes the apple, but not the apple the tree.” View Resource

  • Tying It All Together Devotional

    Galatians 3:1-8

    Even though the Bible is filled with a variety of voices and was written over the span of nearly two thousand years, its inspiration by God the Holy Spirit has given it a unity that transcends its variety. There is one gospel of the kingdom proclaimed in Scripture, and we must receive it by faith if we would enjoy fellowship with our Creator forever. May we persevere in this faith as we await the full privileges of our heavenly citizenship to arrive. View Resource

  • The Abrahamic Blessing Devotional

    Galatians 3:1–9

    Apart from Christ we were without hope in this world, but in Him we will inherit the very best our God has to offer. Understanding this truth should make us long for the day when He returns to consummate His plan and usher in the eternal state wherein we will live before the Lord without fear — forever. Do you long for the transformation of the world and the redemption of your body more than the comforts of this present age? View Resource

  • Saved and Sanctified by Faith Devotional

    Galatians 3:1–14

    The wonderful blessings that come with new life in the Spirit are not earned. They are God’s gifts to enable us to live the Christian life. When we act as if we have to earn them, we are actually rejecting them because gifts by definition are not earned. Thank God for the gifts He gives you to give back to Him. View Resource

  • Father Abraham Devotional

    Galatians 3:6–9

    In justification, “our record does not change, but our guilt does” (R.C. Sproul, Faith Alone, p. 96). God does not ignore our sin when He justifies us, and He knows that until we die we will battle sin and even give in to it on occasion. Yet, if we believe, He will not hold our sin against us eternally and will bless us as He did Abraham. John Chrysostom writes: “It is faith above all that produces affinity with Abraham” (Ancient Christian Commentary, NT vol. 8, p. 37). View Resource

  • The Curse of the Law Devotional

    Galatians 3:6–14

    The curse to which Paul refers is nothing less than exposure to the unmitigated wrath of God Almighty. It is a frightful and dreadful thought, eclipsed only by the reality that this is the destiny of all those who do not live by faith in Christ. Ask God to move your heart to greater compassion and evangelistic outreach to the lost. View Resource

  • The Example of Abraham Devotional

    Galatians 3:6–14

    Abraham’s exemplary faith is mentioned in Genesis, Galatians, Romans, and Hebrews. His faith is the pattern for all believers. How does your faith compare? Do people speak of your faithfulness as an example to follow or hypocrisy to be shunned? Purpose again to live by faith, a faith which holds firmly to the whole counsel of God. View Resource

  • The Curse of the Law Devotional

    Galatians 3:10

    Martin Luther comments on Galatians 2:17 that God’s law “requires perfect obedience unto God, and condemns all those who do not accomplish the same,” and on 3:10 he says that to follow God’s commandments is not to do them “in outward show only, but in spirit, that is, truly and perfectly.” All of us should be daily recognizing our inability to please God in and of ourselves, repenting of our sin, and looking to Jesus alone for our righteousness. View Resource

  • Believing Versus Doing Devotional

    Galatians 3:10–14

    We can say with certainty that the one temptation that all people have in common is the temptation to believe we can make ourselves right with God, that our efforts, even when done with His help, are good enough to meet His standards. But the Lord does not ask us to be good enough; rather, we are to be perfect (Matt. 5:48). That means that only Christ’s perfect righteousness can suffice to put us in a right relationship with the Father. We must trust in Him and in Him alone. View Resource

  • Blessing or Curse? Devotional

    Galatians 3:10–14

    The fullness of God’s curse is permanent exile from seeing the Lord face-to-face in the new heavens and earth. Consequently, the greatest blessing is to behold His glory for all eternity. We who were once under the curse of sin and death have been redeemed by the One who willingly subjected Himself to God’s curse for our sake. Consider the grace of our Father and praise Him for His mercy on the cross. Ask Him to keep you mindful of your coming blessing. View Resource

  • Cursed on the Tree Devotional

    Galatians 3:10–14

    God did not violate the covenant of works through the covenant of grace. Instead, the covenant of grace provides a way for the demands of the covenant of works to be met and for us to receive the life that flows from such obedience. Christ has done the work needed to reckon us as those who have kept the covenant of works, and we have eternal life if we trust Him alone. We must, therefore, serve Him gladly and with thanksgiving. View Resource

  • The Curse of the Cross Devotional

    Galatians 3:10–14

    We deserve the curse. We deserve to be cut off from the merciful presence of God. Our want of conformity and transgression of the Law brings the curse on our heads. But that curse has been borne for us. Christ was cast out into the darkness so that we do not have to be. If you are in Christ, you need not fear being forsaken by the Father. View Resource

  • Judaizing Legalism Devotional

    Galatians 3:10–14c

    Judaizing legalism usually enters our lives in subtle ways. When we believe God will not love us if we do not walk perfectly, we may be committing this error. If we think that we must clean up our lives before God will save us, we fall into this legalism. Let us be eager to keep God’s commandments, but let us understand that He does not save us because we are obedient. Rather, He saves us in order to make us obedient. View Resource

  • Faith Versus Works Devotional

    Galatians 3:11–12

    John Calvin comments, “The contradiction between the law and faith lies in the matter of justification,” and so the law “has a method of justifying a man which is wholly at variance with faith.” It is not that we are forbidden to do good works, only that we must never trust in these works to make us right (justify us) with God. Know today that if you are in Christ, God has promised that He will surely sanctify you and produce in you a holiness that is pleasing to Him. View Resource

  • The Crucifixion of Jesus Devotional

    Galatians 3:13–14

    In his commentary on Romans, Dr. R.C. Sproul writes, “If God were to give us what we earn, what we deserve, we would perish from His wrath, but thanks be to God that He gives to us what was earned by His Son. Jesus got what He did not deserve; we got what He did deserve—the righteousness that is by faith.” Christ’s supreme act of obedience in bearing God’s wrath gives us the greatest blessing, namely, eternal blessedness. Let us praise and thank Him this day. View Resource