• An Altar for Incense Media Resource by

    Exodus 30:1-10

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.” In a post-Christian but otherwise religious world, it is amazing how many people will say something like this in response to someone’s struggles. This is a mere religious expression, but Christian prayer remains a serious and sacred matter. After all, we are addressing a holy God when we pray. In this lesson, we take up the matter of prayer and its connection to the golden altar of incense inside the tabernacle and just outside the Holy of Holies. View Resource

  • A Basin for Washing Media Resource by

    Exodus 30:17-21

    Water is necessary for our lives and without it, we will die. This is not just true for our earthly life, but also our spiritual life. In the Bible, water symbolizes our relationship with God and that which we need for life and washing spiritually. We need the cleansing and forgiveness from sin that comes by God’s grace. In this lesson, we will consider the bronze laver, the basin for washing in the tabernacle and its connection to such spiritual cleansing initially and continually. View Resource