• Images in the Sanctuary? Devotional

    Exodus 26:1

    Regardless of one’s position on images in the worship sanctuary, let us all remember that this is an issue over which many good and godly Reformed believers have differed for generations. Consequently, we owe each side respect, and we should listen carefully to the arguments, pro and con, for images in our houses of worship. We should also look with charity on those with whom we disagree, for both sides are equally concerned to avoid idolatry. View Resource

  • Plans for the Tabernacle Devotional

    Exodus 26

    The restricted access to God’s presence in Israel was to remind the people that even though He had chosen them, something more had to be done to overcome the wide chasm between His holiness and humanity’s impurity. This chasm was bridged in Christ, who now gives free access to the Father for all who take up their cross and follow Him (John 6:37). Because of the work of Jesus, we experience an intimacy with God that Israel never did. View Resource

  • The Role of Beauty Devotional

    Exodus 26

    The propriety of visual imagery in the church building continues to be debated within the Reformed tradition. What we can all agree on, however, is that God is supremely beautiful (Ps. 27:4). In our worship and teaching, we must draw attention to the fact that He is far more lovely than anything we can imagine and that eternity will be spent enjoying His beauty, which alone can satisfy our deepest needs and desires. View Resource