• The Beauty of Worship Devotional

    Exodus 25:1–9

    There are several ways that we can encourage beauty in worship. If we sit on planning committees for new church buildings, we can make it our aim to include visual beauty in the structures that are being designed. We can also encourage the artists in our congregations to create music, poetry, art, and more all to the glory of God. Let us prize beauty in worship just as we prize it elsewhere in our lives. View Resource

  • The Beauty of Worship Devotional

    Exodus 25:1–9

    Christians often argue about the propriety of artwork in the sanctuary. Whether or not visual images are used in our houses of worship, we can all agree that plainness can be elegant in some ways just as many works of art can be lovely to gaze upon. Consider today how important you consider beauty in worship. Go out today and take a look at the beauty of creation and use it as a reminder of the loveliness of the Lord our God. View Resource

  • The Ark of the Covenant Devotional

    Exodus 25:10–22

    Blood and the mercy seat typified the final cleansing that would be achieved through the shed blood of Christ (Heb. 10:1–18). Because of this blood we can now meet with the Lord in worship just as the high priest used to meet with God before the ark of the covenant (Ex. 25:22). Therefore, when we come into the Lord’s presence, we must strive to do so with reverence and awe, for in worship we are entering the great King’s heavenly throne room. View Resource

  • The Table of Showbread Devotional

    Exodus 25:23–30

    It can be easy to take God’s provision of food for granted, but we must always remember that we are sustained only on account of His gracious work to meet every one of our needs. He gives us what we need according to His standards, and we must never forget this both in times of plenty and in times of want. Let us do what we can to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness to God for His supply and encourage others to do the same. View Resource

  • The Golden Lampstand Devotional

    Exodus 25:31–40

    As we will see throughout our study of the tabernacle and its furniture, the very best the people had to offer was used in the production of the sanctuary. Likewise, we too should give our best to the Lord, which includes things such as considering how we dress for worship, planning to devote portions of our personal budgets to kingdom work, serving Him by helping the needy, and more. How are you giving your best to the Lord? View Resource