• The Covenant Meal Devotional

    Exodus 24:1–11

    Even today a meal can be a special sign of love and that the parties involved are in fellowship with each other. Having meals with other believers, therefore, is a good way to further peace among the brethren and to show a hurting world the love we have for each other. If your church has fellowship meals, make sure to take part in them. You might also consider sharing a meal with someone in your congregation whom you do not know very well. View Resource

  • With God on the Mountain Devotional

    Exodus 24:1–11

    Worship, especially the Lord’s Supper, is always an occasion for covenant renewal. John Calvin writes that “the covenant, which he once sanctioned by his blood he in a manner renews, or continues, in so far as regards the confirmation of our faith, as often as he stretches forth his sacred blood as drink to us” (Institutes 4.17.1). As the covenant is renewed in the Supper, we celebrate the unspeakable privilege of peace with God through Christ. View Resource

  • Mosaic Authorship Devotional

    Exodus 24:4a

    Whether or not we affirm the essential Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch has a direct bearing on the Lordship of Christ. Our Savior affirmed that Moses wrote the Pentateuch on many occasions (for example, Matt. 19:1–12; compare to Deut. 24:1–4), and it is difficult to imagine how we could trust Him as Lord if He was mistaken about this. Spend some time reviewing a good, evangelical source that affirms the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch. View Resource