• Trial by the Sea Devotional

    Exodus 14:1-9

    Are you in a difficult circumstance? Is there a difficult person in your life with whom you must interact, possibly on a personal level? Have you been tempted to get angry towards God because He has allowed you to be in this situation? If so, think creatively about how God could be glorified during this time. View Resource

  • The Exodus from Egypt Devotional

    Exodus 14

    Salvation is a gift wholly from the Lord from beginning to end. He accomplishes our redemption on the cross and gives us the faith to appropriate that redemption for ourselves. It can be easy to forget this truth, but we must always be clear that His work alone can redeem us. Let us take hold of this truth and remember that it is what sets biblical Christianity apart from all other religions. View Resource

  • The Lord Will Fight Devotional

    Exodus 14:10-14

    Read aloud verse 13–14. In what kinds of difficulties are you most afraid? Why should you not be afraid during difficult times? What has God promised His people? How do you depend on your own ability instead of God’s promises and power? Memorize these two verses. Repeat them often to yourself when you are afraid. View Resource

  • Light and Darkness Devotional

    Exodus 14:15–20

    Read the passage below from John. What does it mean to walk in the light? Describe what it means to walk in darkness. What are some “deeds of darkness”? What are deeds of the light? Read Ephesians 5:8–14. How does Paul describe walking in the light? Meditate on these Scriptures as you consider how you can be a child of light. View Resource

  • Crossing the Red Sea Devotional

    Exodus 14:21–31

    What is your response when you see the wicked judged? Is it one of ungodly delight or does it cause you to look heavenward, to fear and praise God? As you read today’s passage, what attributes of God stand out? How does your knowledge of these characteristics of God strengthen your faith in Him? View Resource