• The Lord’s Passover Devotional

    Exodus 12:1–32

    Though not himself a Christian, Lord Alfred Tennyson captures the pervasiveness of sin in his poem “The Holy Grail”: “In me lived a sin / So strange, of such a kind, that all of pure, / Noble and knightly in me twined and clung / Round that one sin, until the wholesome flower / And poisonous grew together, each as each, not to be plucked asunder.” As the redeemed of Christ, let us strive to confess and thus pull out our sins by the root. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Supper as Remembrance Devotional

    Exodus 12

    Our God is a holy God who cannot wink at sin. He cannot simply forgive people without demanding a price for their sin. On the cross, Christ paid that high price of separation from God for His people. The bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper are God’s promise to us that Christ has turned away God’s wrath for believers. As we take the supper, let us remember that because Christ paid the price for us, we owe Him everything that we are. View Resource

  • Saved by God From God Devotional

    Exodus 12

    Yes, we are saved from the guilt and power of sin. More significantly, we are saved from God Himself, from His just wrath against our sin. That is what we celebrate in the Lord’s Supper, that the Judge of all creation saved us from His judgment so that we, undeserving sinners though we are, may enjoy fellowship at His table in His presence. Such grace should move us to worship and love our great Lord and Savior. View Resource

  • The Significance of Passover Devotional

    Exodus 12

    Though God elected to save the Israelites, their sin did not make them any less worthy of death than the Egyptians. But the Lord provided a way for them to escape His wrath in those days. Ultimately, this looked forward to the time when the Lord would eternally save His people from judgment. We are saved from God’s wrath by God Himself. Let us never forget the righteous character of our Creator, who, despite our sin, mercifully chooses to redeem His people. View Resource