• The Land of Egypt Devotional

    Exodus 1:8–14

    Pharaoh’s oppression of Israel did not take God by surprise (Gen. 15:12–16), and so we should understand that the trials we encounter do not take Him by surprise either. The blessings of the Lord upon us may provoke others to jealousy and even a kind of persecution, but as He did with Egypt (Ex. 14:4), God will use such trouble to bring Himself glory. Even the most minor trials we face are opportunities for our Creator to be glorified. View Resource

  • The Great I AM Devotional

    Exodus 3

    God never changes, but He does interact with real people in real history. He reveals Himself in the context of a relationship, reminding Moses that He is the God of the patriarchs (Ex. 3:6). How do you think about the Lord during the day? Do you live as if God is present, or does He exist practically to you only as an impersonal force? Today, remain mindful that God is active in your life and talk with Him in prayer without ceasing. View Resource

  • The Old Covenant Mediator Devotional

    Exodus 3

    When God calls us to service, He also gives us what we need to perform that service. Sometimes He does this directly through spiritual giftings; at other times He opens up doors for us to get further education or training. What opportunities for Christian training are currently open to you? Are you taking advantage of them? Take advantage of those options you have and, seeking God’s help, strive to create opportunities for yourself as well. View Resource

  • Yahweh Devotional

    Exodus 3

    Even the best among us are not absolutely reliable. We can change our minds. We can be caught off guard, grow tired, or run into other circumstances that might prevent us from keeping our promises. The same thing is not true of our Creator. He is the Rock whose promises cannot fail and who is fully and ultimately dependable. We can stake our very lives on His promises, for He will never, ever fail to keep them. View Resource

  • Yahweh Devotional

    Exodus 3

    Take a moment to think about how you have changed over the years. Perhaps you are stronger or weaker today than you were ten years ago. Maybe you have progressed in your sanctification so that you repent quickly and love readily. Can it be that you have abandoned the lustful passions that characterized your pre-Christian life? Though we change in our abilities and characters, our Father does not. He alone provides a secure foundation for all of life. View Resource

  • Redeemed to Worship Devotional

    Exodus 3:18

    Human beings were made to worship God, and they experience true fulfillment only as they live as worshipers of our triune Creator. Worship is not incidental—it is the reason for our existence. As you go to worship this next Lord’s Day, remember that in praising the God who made you, you are fulfilling your purpose for existence. View Resource

  • God the Father Devotional

    Exodus 4:22–23

    Good earthly fathers will do whatever is necessary to protect and provide for their sons and daughters. If that is true of our earthly fathers, how much more true is it of the Lord? Our Father who cares for us is omnipotent and nothing can stand in the way of His providing for us. Let us thank Him this day for meeting all our needs, and let us trust that He will continue to do so. View Resource

  • God the Deliverer Devotional

    Exodus 6:1-8

    Even those who affirm justification by faith alone may act as if they need to do more than trust Christ to be declared righteous. Some think that they must trust Christ and go a certain number of days without sinning. Others believe salvation requires faith in Christ plus a certain number of hours of Bible study or evangelism. While these extra things are fruits of faith, they do not justify us. Faith alone in the great Deliverer redeems us from exile. View Resource

  • Spokesmen for God Devotional

    Exodus 7:1-7

    Because God has fully and finally revealed Himself in His Son, we believe that the Lord does not call people to the office of prophet today (Heb. 1:1–4). That does not mean, however, that there is no one to be God’s spokesperson today. Preachers who faithfully preach the Word of God do speak for Him insofar as their messages are faithful to the Bible. When the preacher delivers a sermon that is faithful to Scripture, we are bound to heed it. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Passover Devotional

    Exodus 12:1–32

    Though not himself a Christian, Lord Alfred Tennyson captures the pervasiveness of sin in his poem “The Holy Grail”: “In me lived a sin / So strange, of such a kind, that all of pure, / Noble and knightly in me twined and clung / Round that one sin, until the wholesome flower / And poisonous grew together, each as each, not to be plucked asunder.” As the redeemed of Christ, let us strive to confess and thus pull out our sins by the root. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Supper as Remembrance Devotional

    Exodus 12

    Our God is a holy God who cannot wink at sin. He cannot simply forgive people without demanding a price for their sin. On the cross, Christ paid that high price of separation from God for His people. The bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper are God’s promise to us that Christ has turned away God’s wrath for believers. As we take the supper, let us remember that because Christ paid the price for us, we owe Him everything that we are. View Resource

  • Saved by God From God Devotional

    Exodus 12

    Yes, we are saved from the guilt and power of sin. More significantly, we are saved from God Himself, from His just wrath against our sin. That is what we celebrate in the Lord’s Supper, that the Judge of all creation saved us from His judgment so that we, undeserving sinners though we are, may enjoy fellowship at His table in His presence. Such grace should move us to worship and love our great Lord and Savior. View Resource

  • The Significance of Passover Devotional

    Exodus 12

    Though God elected to save the Israelites, their sin did not make them any less worthy of death than the Egyptians. But the Lord provided a way for them to escape His wrath in those days. Ultimately, this looked forward to the time when the Lord would eternally save His people from judgment. We are saved from God’s wrath by God Himself. Let us never forget the righteous character of our Creator, who, despite our sin, mercifully chooses to redeem His people. View Resource

  • Trial by the Sea Devotional

    Exodus 14:1–9

    Are you in a difficult circumstance? Is there a difficult person in your life with whom you must interact, possibly on a personal level? Have you been tempted to get angry towards God because He has allowed you to be in this situation? If so, think creatively about how God could be glorified during this time. View Resource

  • The Exodus from Egypt Devotional

    Exodus 14

    Salvation is a gift wholly from the Lord from beginning to end. He accomplishes our redemption on the cross and gives us the faith to appropriate that redemption for ourselves. It can be easy to forget this truth, but we must always be clear that His work alone can redeem us. Let us take hold of this truth and remember that it is what sets biblical Christianity apart from all other religions. View Resource