• Divine Reversals of Fortune Devotional

    Esther 8-9

    The early church father Athanasius of Alexandria comments that the fifth-century-BC Jews “called a feast, thanking and praising the Lord, because he had changed the situation for them.” When God intervenes to rescue His children, the only appropriate response is celebration. We should never be afraid to express our joy to the Lord for the ways He has blessed us. View Resource

  • The Days of Purim Devotional

    Esther 9

    In our darkest hours, when all seems to be against us, we can be confident that we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus (Rom. 8:37). He has purchased our final redemption and will finally destroy all His (and thus our) enemies. We have nothing to fear at the last day, for we will not suffer the destruction that will be meted out at the final judgment to all the unrighteous. Let us rejoice and look forward to that great day. View Resource

  • Holy War Devotional

    Esther 9–10

    All sorts of wild theories about spiritual warfare abound in the church today. Nevertheless, there is a real war going on every time the Gospel is preached. All people are inclined from birth to reject Jesus and will only trust Him if the Holy Spirit conquers their hearts and enables them to trust in the Lord. One of our chief weapons in this battle is prayer, and we must fight for God’s kingdom by loving our enemies and praying for the conversion of others. View Resource

  • Thanksgiving in Worship Devotional

    Esther 9:20–22

    Most of our regular worship services include expressions of thanksgiving to God for His redemption. We should participate in these wholeheartedly and also thank God during any periods of silent prayer that occur before, during, or after worship. Cultivating thankful hearts will help us remember who God is and why He is worthy of our praise. View Resource