• For Such a Time as This Devotional

    Esther 3–4

    Mordecai’s confession, “Who knows?” in Esther 4:14 is one all believers must make at one time or another. The Lord’s hand is usually invisible to us, and when we take a step of faith we are not certain whether we will succeed — even if the step we are taking is a godly one. Nevertheless, we must trust God and do what His Word tells us is right even if we have been put into places of decision due to impure motives or ambiguous circumstances. View Resource

  • Courageous Esther Devotional

    Esther 4

    Though the Lord is always working for our good (Rom. 8:28), most times we cannot discern how His providence will work things out. We must often make decisions when there seems to be no good option or when God’s Word does not have much direct information to give us. After prayer and an honest attempt to apply biblical principles, let us decide and trust that His providence will work through us even if we make a mistake. View Resource

  • Esther Devotional

    Esther 4

    For the most part, God’s hand of providence remains hidden, and we do not know how things will turn out for us before they actually occur. At times we must trust the Lord and do the right thing even if we know it might cost us our livelihood or even our lives. On these occasions, we must remember that God is ever working for our good and His glory, and we must trust Him to vindicate us for doing what is right even if this vindication may not come until after our deaths. View Resource