• For Such a Time as This Devotional

    Esther 3–4

    Mordecai’s confession, “Who knows?” in Esther 4:14 is one all believers must make at one time or another. The Lord’s hand is usually invisible to us, and when we take a step of faith we are not certain whether we will succeed — even if the step we are taking is a godly one. Nevertheless, we must trust God and do what His Word tells us is right even if we have been put into places of decision due to impure motives or ambiguous circumstances. View Resource

  • Haman the Agagite Devotional

    Esther 3

    Sometimes we bring unnecessary trouble on ourselves by failing to honor those whom we should honor. If we respect those whom we are supposed to respect, we make things easier for ourselves and, more importantly, we obey the Lord in doing so (Rom. 13:7). Let us consider if we have been failing to show respect to one who deserves it, and may we start showing that respect today as we seek to honor all those whom we should honor. View Resource