• Queen Esther Devotional

    Esther 1–2

    The ambivalence with which Mordecai and Esther are portrayed and the flaws they evidence will be discussed further in the coming days. However, the Lord used them, warts and all, to rescue his people in their time of dire need. We must not take His grace for granted, but let us also remember that even when we are not perfectly faithful to God, He is perfectly faithful to His people and delights in using broken vessels to advance His kingdom (2 Cor. 4:7). View Resource

  • Trouble in the Persian Court Devotional

    Esther 1

    The author of Esther had to tell us about Vashti’s being removed from her position in order to explain how Esther became queen. But he did not have to go into such detail. Make no mistake—he included these facts to make a point that is made in other ways throughout Scripture: as mighty as the rulers of this world may seem, they are not finally in control. Only God is sovereign over all. He is the One to be feared above all others. View Resource