• Interpreting the Bible Literally Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 8:1b

    If we do not read the Bible according to the literary conventions that are appropriate for the various literary styles that it is using, we will go far astray. The plainest meaning of a passage, which we derive from reading poetry as poetry, narrative as narrative, and so forth, is the meaning that controls our interpretation and application of a text. Read the Bible as you would read other books, and its essential meaning will be plain to you. View Resource

  • Presuming upon God’s Kindness Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 8:10–11

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage: “Sinners herein deceive themselves, for, though the sentence be not executed speedily, it will be executed the more severely at last. Vengeance comes slowly, but it comes surely, and wrath is in the mean time treasured up against the day of wrath.” From our perspective, justice may seem to be delayed, but it always comes at the right time. Our just God will set things right, so we have ample reason to trust in Him. View Resource

  • The Final End of the Wicked Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 8:12–13

    The fear of the Lord is not only the beginning of wisdom (Prov. 1:7); it is also the prerequisite for eternal life. It is not that such fear is a meritorious work that God rewards with eternal life; rather, such fear is born of saving faith that unites us to Christ, whose merit alone will save us. Though fearing the Lord may not bring with it much earthly success, it will bring us to eternal life, where we will see justice win and evil vanquished. Let us fear the Lord as we look for that day. View Resource

  • Embracing Our Finitude Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 8:16–17

    Scripture does not say it is impossible for us to know anything. Instead, the emphasis is on pursuing knowledge within the boundaries of God’s revelation. Special revelation—sacred Scripture—must guide even our study of “non- religious” matters such as science, philosophy, history, and so forth. Since God is the author of truth and we are made in His image, we can know truth. We just have to be content to stop our pursuit of understanding where He tells us to stop. View Resource