• Measured Speech Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 5:1–3

    When we come into the Lord’s presence, it is particularly important for us to be purposeful about what we say and how we listen. We should come to corporate worship expecting a word from God, namely, the faithful exposition of the Scriptures. Moreover, we should pray to the Lord with words carefully considered. We are to be quick to listen and slow to speak, responding to God thoughtfully that we might love Him with all of our hearts and minds. View Resource

  • Keeping the Pledge Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 5:4–5

    We are foolish if we think that we can make a lawful vow and then not pay it. God regards our oaths as sacred and will hold us accountable if we break them. Take some time today to consider the oaths you have taken and ask yourself if you have fulfilled them. If not, repent today and then begin to do what is necessary to fulfill your oaths. In doing so you will affirm the sanctity of truth and live out your confession of faith in our God and Father. View Resource

  • Money and Satisfaction Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 5:10–12

    Money cannot finally satisfy those who love it because it represents that which is created, and that which is created cannot fully satisfy human beings, for we have been created to enjoy the infinite God. Nevertheless, money plays an important role in God’s providence. Through the financial sacrifice of His people, the Lord funds the work of His church in making disciples of all nations. Are you contributing to the church’s ministry? View Resource

  • Enjoyment in Our Toil Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 5:18–20

    Matthew Henry comments, “Those that cheerfully use what God has given them thereby honor the giver, answer the intention of the gift, act rationally and generously, do good in the world, and make what they have turn to the best account, and this is both their credit and their comfort.” If we would honor the Lord in all things, then we must endeavor to rejoice in our labor. By His Spirit, He will grant us peace and contentment when we seek Him. View Resource