• Pursuing Contentment Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 4:4–6

    Continually striving after more out of envy for one’s neighbor is a foolish endeavor. To do so, Ecclesiastes 3:6 says, is to strive after wind. After all, we cannot take our possessions with us. They are fleeting and impermanent. We will give them up when we die, or they may otherwise end up in the hands of someone who has not worked for them (Eccl. 2:20–21). The answer is not to throw up one’s hands and give up working; the answer is to pursue contentment in God and His provision. View Resource

  • Strength in Numbers Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 4:9–12

    God saves us as individuals—I cannot count on anyone else’s faith in order to be redeemed. However, the Lord redeems us to put us in community. This happens preeminently in the church, where God provides the fellowship that we need in order to grow and thrive. We cannot be lone rangers and expect that our faith will thrive. Are you seeking to build community in your church? Are you making time regularly to fellowship with the Lord’s servants? View Resource

  • The Vanity of Political Power Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 4:13–16

    Over the centuries, understanding the fleeting nature of political power has helped the church to stand firm in the midst of persecution. When one understands that the rulers of this earth have influence and might only temporarily but that God’s reign is eternal, it is much easier to stand firm in God’s truth when this world demands that we deny it. We are citizens of “a kingdom that cannot be shaken,” and our faithfulness in suffering carries with it an eternal reward. View Resource