• Fearing God Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11-12

    Patience is a key virtue in the Christian life because of our need to take a long view of things. It can be difficult to remain faithful in suffering or to spend hours ministering with little visible return. When we take the long view of things, however, we find the strength to press forward even in the context of great difficulty. Let us surround ourselves with people who will encourage us to take, as we are able, an eternal perspective on all things. View Resource

  • Remembering God While We Are Young Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 12:1–8

    Whether we are young or old, our lives on this side of the grave will not go on forever. A day is coming in which we will stand before our Creator, and He will reveal how we have remembered Him. If we have remembered His character and what He has done, repenting of our sin and trusting in Him alone, we will inherit eternal life. But if we die without having remembered the Lord, we will suffer the eternal pain and death of hell. View Resource

  • To Study or Not to Study Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 12:11–12

    Many people do not spend enough time studying the Word of God, but some “study” too much. That is, they continually ask questions for which they do not really want God’s answer. Our goal should not be to come to a conclusion after little study, but neither should it be our goal to entertain questions without truly looking for their answers. Scripture answers the questions God wants us to ask, so let us be diligent in our study of it. View Resource

  • One Certainty in an Uncertain World Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 12:13–14

    In fearing God and keeping His commandments, three things occur. First, our sin is restrained, for we seek to avoid the consequences of our actions. Second, we see that we cannot keep the commandments with the perfection required to be declared righteous before God, and so we trust in Christ alone so that we will be justified—counted righteous—in Him. Finally, having been justified, we reverently fear the Lord all the more, and He empowers us to obey Him by His Holy Spirit. View Resource

  • Ecclesiastes and Solomon’s Song Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 12:14

    Ultimately, all of the Wisdom Books make one point: that life without God is meaningless and that only He can understand the creation fully and finally. The only way for us to find true wisdom of eternal significance is to turn to Him and His Word. Otherwise, whatever meaning we find is fleeting, whatever joys we have will come to dissatisfy us, and every love we have will not meet the needs of our souls. View Resource