• Calming the Ruler Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 10:4

    Our responses to others, especially those in authority, must always be governed by divine wisdom. We must pray that the Lord would help us discern the difference between abuse and rightly administered discipline, between the response of a ruler that is wholly unjustified and evil, and a response that is firm and appropriate. Let us trust Christ to help us respond appropriately to all people. View Resource

  • When Reality Is Upside Down Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 10:5–7

    In God’s sovereign providence, our Creator has at times seen fit to allow fools to attain places of power. We know that this is ultimately for our greater good and His glory. Still, we rightly sense that something is wrong when we see fools in power. For this situation has been caused by the fall. One day it will be overturned, and the world will be right side up again. Knowing that truth encourages us to serve the Lord. View Resource

  • Bread, Wine, and Money Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 10:19

    When we see the great needs of other people, it is easy for us to feel a little guilty about enjoying the good gifts of God. However, we are not sinning if, as part of our God-honoring lifestyle, we go on a fun trip, eat a good meal, or do other such things. The Lord calls us to be generous with our wealth and to support the work of His kingdom, but there is a place for us to enjoy what He has given us as part of thanking Him for His goodness. View Resource

  • Avoiding Bitterness of Mind and Speech Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 10:20

    Wise people put up safeguards in their thoughts and actions to help keep them from being ensnared by a root of bitterness. Lest our minds lead us astray, it is wise to think on what is true, good, and beautiful so that our thoughts are not filled with curses and other unclean things (Phil. 4:8). At the same time, we should endeavor not to listen to or repeat uncertainties that we hear about others or otherwise gossip about our neighbors. View Resource