• God’s People Fail to Repent Devotional

    Daniel 9:1-19

    Daniel’s prayer that God would not forget His promises of restoration is not based on the inherent goodness of the people but purely on the Lord’s mercy (Dan. 9:1–19). He asked God not to deal with the people as they deserved but to show grace and restore them despite the widespread failure to repent. If we learn nothing else from this prayer, it is that we can never demand God’s favor as if He owes us His kindness. Instead, our plea must always be for His grace and mercy. View Resource

  • Seventy More Weeks Devotional

    Daniel 9:20-27

    If we focus on the trees and not the forest, it is very easy for us to miss the main point of a difficult text like this one. The original audience of the text was to understand that God had delayed the restoration because of impenitence. (This delay is from a human perspective, for the Lord always knew this was going to occur.) What we should learn is that the Lord’s blessings in our lives may likewise be delayed if we continue in sin without turning unto Him. View Resource

  • Atoning for Iniquity Devotional

    Daniel 9:24–27

    Discussions of Daniel 9 often focus on calculating years, the delay of the seventieth week, and so on. All should agree, however, that the number 490 is at least partly symbolic of God’s determination in the fullness of time to offer a final atonement that culminates in eternal righteousness. Christ has offered this final atonement, gives us a taste of that age of righteousness by His Spirit, and will come again to make us unable to sin anymore. View Resource