• The Davidic Covenant Devotional

    Amos 9:11–15

    Precisely because God is sovereign over all things, He will always be able to fulfill the promises He has made. Yet He is not obligated to keep them according to how we think they ought to be kept. The Lord is always faithful to His people and He always does what is best for us, but what we think is best is not always what He says is best. Let us learn to trust our Creator even when it is difficult and to love His sovereign will that controls all things. View Resource

  • David’s Fallen Booth Restored Devotional

    Amos 9:11–15

    All the aforementioned blessings were originally promised to Israel for obedience to God’s law (Deut. 28:1–14). That they would enjoy these blessings in the restoration points to a day when the people would obey the Lord fully. Ultimately, Amos foresaw a time when God would write His law on the hearts of His people, the same blessing the other prophets reveal more explicitly (Jer. 31:31–34). God has begun this work in His new covenant people, and we long for the day when it will be consummated. View Resource

  • Davidic Covenant II Devotional

    Amos 9:11-15

    God would have had every right to give up on the Davidic line. Most of the kings of ancient Israel led the people into sin and persecuted those who proclaimed the law of God. But God, because of His sworn oath, pledged to renew the Davidic line. Remember that when God makes a promise, He will always keep it. View Resource