• The External Call Devotional

    Acts 6:1–7

    Sometimes the external call to a particular vocation comes before a man or woman receives an internal call. If several individuals are noticing particular gifts in you or are suggesting that you pursue a certain line of work, it is worth taking their advice seriously and considering whether they might be right even if you have not yet felt an internal call. There is wisdom in a multitude of wise counselors (Prov. 15:22). View Resource

  • God’s Will and the External Call Devotional

    Acts 6:1–7

    No matter our vocation, we should expect some kind of external confirmation that the vocation we desire is actually for us. Furthermore, we should be honest with friends and family regarding their vocations. We do not serve people well when we affirm their sense of internal call and yet it is obvious that they do not have the skills or aptitude for the vocation in question. View Resource

  • The Internal and External Call Devotional

    Acts 6:1–7

    Tomorrow we will look at some of the ways we can discern our calling. Today, ask yourself what you believe the Lord has called you to do. Have you ever shared this information with another believer? Have they agreed or disagreed with you? Have you ever been put into circumstances where this calling was tested? Did you prove up to the task? If your sense of internal calling does not match your external call, ask yourself if you have discerned God’s will rightly. View Resource

  • The Touch of Worship Devotional

    Acts 6:1–7

    Paul exhorts us to “greet one another with a holy kiss” (Rom. 16:16). The way in which we can appropriately convey the love of God physically differs from culture to culture. But whether it is a handshake, hug, or kiss, person-to-person contact is a vital way in which we as the Lord’s image-bearers display His love to each other. Is there someone you know who needs their lives touched by you so that they may feel the touch of Christ? View Resource

  • A Problem of Sensitivity Devotional

    Acts 6

    Is it a good idea for people to be made leaders who have never served under authority? Is it a good idea for men to become elders in the church who have never served as deacons? What are some opportunities for service in your church? Diligently seek them out. View Resource

  • Preaching and the Preacher’s Task Devotional

    Acts 6:4

    Preachers can get distracted and focus on tasks other than the ministry of the Word because the congregation is looking for other things. But God’s Word tells us that the primary task of pastors is preaching and teaching, so that is what we should expect above all from our preachers. We should not put undue burdens on them through expectations that force them to neglect preparation for preaching and teaching the Scriptures. View Resource