• God the Holy Spirit Devotional

    Acts 5:1–11

    Jesus no longer walks the earth in the flesh, but Scripture does not paint this as disadvantageous. Jesus has given us another Advocate or Helper like Himself. God incarnate has given us God the Holy Spirit (John 14:15–17), so our worship and service are animated by the very God of the universe. Thus, we can be confident that our worship and service have purpose and will accomplish what God intends for them. View Resource

  • A Time of Crisis Devotional

    Acts 5:1–16

    Those who sold their property showed their trust in Jesus’ words, while those who bought and/or hoarded it did not. While we are not called to act out such drastic steps, we are called to learn from what is recorded in Acts. What can you learn from this about the property and resources God has entrusted to you? View Resource

  • Single-mindedness Devotional

    Acts 5:17–42

    Acts recounts the heroic deeds of the early church. Central to these feats was the abiding trust in the power of God. When you are fearful in the face of opposition, do you become angry at God for abandoning you, or do you turn to Him for strength? Ask the Spirit to make you always aware that God is on His throne. View Resource