• Civil Disobedience Devotional

    Acts 4:1–22

    Christians must always bend over backward to be models of good citizenship. Thus, we are to obey the law, pray for our leaders, and seek the common good of society. When the demands of God’s kingdom directly contradict the demands of the kingdom of men, we must follow the law of Christ. Nevertheless, we should expect the cases where we must disobey the state in order to obey the Lord to be rare. That is the testimony of Scripture and church history. View Resource

  • Civil Disobedience Devotional

    Acts 4:1–22

    Because of our fallen nature, it would be easy to twist the principle for Christian civil disobedience enumerated in today’s study into an excuse to avoid the Bible’s call that we submit to the government. Indeed, our fallen nature makes us prone to find any loophole we can in God’s law in order to render something less than true obedience. Beware of this tendency in your heart, but also remember that your allegiance belongs ultimately to Christ, not to the state. View Resource

  • True Confidence in Christ Devotional

    Acts 4:1-22

    Arrogance is a false confidence based on your own ability. True confidence comes from faith in our omnipotent God. Peter was doubtless courteous but also consummately bold before the highest court among the Jews. These men had put Jesus to death; they could have easily put him to death. Ask God for Peter’s boldness. View Resource

  • When Disobedience Is Required Devotional

    Acts 4:1–22

    Choosing to obey Christ when His commands conflict with the state’s may earn us the designation of criminals or traitors. But that should not dissuade us from submitting first to Christ’s commandments before we do what the government says. Let us pray for discernment so that we might rightly know when and when not to obey the state, and let us encourage one another to be faithful to Christ even when the state disallows it. View Resource

  • One Way of Salvation Devotional

    Acts 4:11–12

    The pressure to deny the exclusivity of Jesus is enormous, and, barring a revival, this pressure is only likely to increase. Holding fast to the confession of Christ as the only Savior requires a thorough grounding in the Scriptures and an understanding that God does not grant salvation to everyone. If we are clear that God is not obligated to save us, we will be more in awe of His grace and amazed that He has chosen to provide even one way of redemption. View Resource

  • The Great Conspiracy Devotional

    Acts 4:23–37

    Satan did not stop conspiring against God and His Anointed after the work of Herod and Pilate. He is continually at work. C. S. Lewis said that we often err either by ascribing too much or too little power to the father of lies. Pray that you would not take him too lightly, but that you would have confidence in God’s ultimate sovereignty. View Resource