• Baptism of the Holy Spirit Devotional

    Acts 19:1-7

    All Christians are theologians because all believers develop ideas about God that shape who they are and what they do. The only question is whether we are going to be good theologians or bad theologians. Good theologians determine their theology by the Word of God, seeking to be faithful to its teaching and not to make their experiences the determining factor of what is true and false. Let us all strive to be good theologians who learn theology according to God’s Word. View Resource

  • Paul at Ephesus Devotional

    Acts 19:1–10

    With the destruction of the temple, the outward features of the old covenant came to an end. We no longer take Nazirite vows and we no longer expect either defilement or blessing to be transmitted through clothes. The “clothes” of Jesus are His people gathered around Him. How are you transmitting His blessings to others? View Resource