• Can I listen to sermons every day instead of studying God’s Word? Question and Answer

    Acts 17:11

    It’s vital to have primary contact with the Scriptures themselves. It can be helpful and healthy to be listening to faithful teachers of the Word of God, but that should be a supplement to your own reading of God’s Word, meditation on God’s Word, and memorization of God’s Word. Laypeople, with whatever skills they may have, should be seeking for themselves to understand the Word of God. Every member of the church should have the spirit of the Bereans in the book of Acts, where they are searching the Scriptures for themselves to see those things that are true (Acts … View Resource

  • If “no one seeks for God,” why did Paul call his listeners to seek God? Question and Answer

    Acts 17:27

    SPROUL: In the first place, we’re talking about what we ought to do as distinguished from what we actually do. God commands us to seek after Him. God commands us to be perfect. God commands us to be obedient in all things. The assumption is that if God commands you to do something, you must have the ability to do it. This is what created the biggest theological issue in the first four centuries of Christendom—the debate between Pelagius and Augustine over the question of whether we, as fallen human beings, have the moral ability to lead perfect lives.View Resource