• Amos’ Prophecy Fulfilled Devotional

    Acts 15:1–21

    In His great grace, God has restored the tent of David, raising His Son from the dead and seating Him on His throne. As a consequence, He is bringing the nations to worship His Son and join His covenant people. There are many peoples and nations, however, that have not yet been brought into the kingdom through faith in Christ. We are to be witnesses and lights that point people to God’s Son, calling them to faith so that His church will include all the nations called by the Lord’s name. View Resource

  • The Ecumenical Council Devotional

    Acts 15:1–35

    The church is not immune to the temptation to elevate “custom” to the level of law. Fueling that temptation is the desire to see those who are different become like us. Examine the standard with which you judge people. Does it focus on conformity to custom, to others, or to the very Word of God? View Resource

  • Interpreting Scripture With the Church Devotional

    Acts 15:1–35

    Many of the greatest errors in church history arose when an individual was unwilling to read Scripture with the rest of the church. We cannot be unchurched Christians or Christians who are unwilling to submit to one another in the local body of Christ. If we are not seeking to read Scripture with the church and to learn from others both past and present, we will surely make many errors in understanding God’s Word. View Resource