• The Transfer of the Kingdom Devotional

    Acts 13–14:7

    Just as the first missionaries took the ministry of the Good News to their own first, in some sense we also have home ministry obligations to the family of God which should take precedence over those outside the covenant community. This weekend consider how this may apply in your church and life. View Resource

  • The Sure Blessings of David Devotional

    Acts 13:13-52

    Being faithful and true, God must keep His covenant promises, so His pledge to give David’s greater son the holy and sure blessings of David is a pledge to bring Him back to life that He might, as the God-man, enjoy these blessings forever. If we are in Him, the Lord has also promised us the same life, which is the fulfillment of all the blessings that He speaks of in Scripture. In Christ, we have life eternal and will be resurrected on the final day. View Resource

  • Jesus the Savior Devotional

    Acts 13:23

    What kind of salvation are we searching for? We want to be delivered from oppression and hardship. We want to be healed of our diseases. It is not inherently wrong to desire such things, but more than anything else, we need salvation from our sin and the wrath of God. If Jesus is our Savior, we have assurance of this salvation, and we can look forward to the day when He will redeem us from all our other foes. View Resource