• Purposes of the Book of Acts Devotional

    Acts 1:1-10

    As you prepare to work through Acts and New Testament history this year, take time today to skim the book of Acts. Page through it, previewing its contents and taking note of the overall movement and direction of the book. In what city does the book begin, and where does it end? Why? View Resource

  • The Ascension of Christ Devotional

    Acts 1:6–11

    Jesus is indeed coming from heaven at the end of the age to consummate His plan and bring a new heaven and earth (Rev. 21). But He is not coming back to establish His kingdom and take His throne, for as Matthew 24:1–31 and Acts 1:6–11 inform us, Christ took this throne when He ascended on high and judged the city of Jerusalem in the first century. Jesus is reigning now, and because He is king, we can serve Him in confidence of His final victory. View Resource

  • The Glorious Return of Christ Devotional

    Acts 1:6–11

    We do not know exactly when Jesus will return, but we do know that it could be at any moment. Every breath we take could possibly be the last one we breathe before Jesus returns. Knowing the imminence of Christ’s return should spur us to serve the church and engage, as we are able, in the work of making disciples. We do not want to be found idle when Jesus comes back (Matt. 25). View Resource

  • The Return of Christ Devotional

    Acts 1:6–11

    The sure hope of the Lord’s return has provided strength to many a suffering Christian. Knowing that Jesus will come again to consummate God’s kingdom helps us see the trials of life in their proper perspective and endure them for the sake of Jesus. When we are weighed down with illness or are suffering tribulation simply for being a follower of Christ, let us not focus on the pain of the suffering now but on the return of our Lord who will destroy death forever. View Resource

  • Power to Minister Devotional

    Acts 1:8

    If you are a Christian, you have already received the Holy Spirit, and you have the mind and ability to serve God and His church. We all may not be ordained to specific church offices, but all of us who are in Christ are able to obey Him and discern good from evil as we walk in the Spirit and seek His face. Do not let your shortcomings, whether they are perceived or real, prevent you from serving in your local church. View Resource

  • Power to Minister Devotional

    Acts 1:8

    Many of God’s greatest saints, including men like Moses and Jeremiah, did not feel that they could fulfill God’s call. But, as we have seen, God always gives us what we need to do His will. Go to the Lord in prayer and thank Him for equipping us. Then, go serve His church in the capacity that He has called you. View Resource

  • Witnessing vs. Evangelism Devotional

    Acts 1:8

    Most of us have likely been told to “preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words.” That’s a well-intentioned but misleading phrase. We have not preached the gospel if all we have done is been kind to others. Kind acts adorn the gospel and show that the One whom we serve is conforming us to His image. But evangelism happens only when we proclaim the message of Jesus and call people to put their faith in Him. View Resource

  • The Ascension of Christ Devotional

    Acts 1:9-26

    Everyone who names the name of Christ is automatically a witness. What must be evaluated is the nature of that witness—is it true and faithful to Christ or is it detrimental to the advancing kingdom? Reflect upon your witness during the last day or two, and allow the results to shape your life’s witness today. View Resource

  • Choosing an Apostle Devotional

    Acts 1:23–26

    Just as God gave apostles to the early church, He has given elders and deacons to lead His church today. They are not perfect (neither were the apostles), but they fill a divinely appointed office and deserve all honor, obedience, and support. Thank God for giving these offices and for the men who govern your church. Pray regularly for them. View Resource

  • The Greater Pentecost Devotional

    Acts 2:1-13

    The manifest presence of God emboldened the early church to the monumental task at hand, going into all the world and making disciples. That task still lies before us. Remember the boldness of the early church in the face of persecution as you seek to bring God’s kingdom to bear today. View Resource

  • Babel Reversed Devotional

    Acts 2

    The diversity of language and culture, coupled with our stubbornness, often hinders the call to be united in Christ. However, it will one day give way to one body that will praise God in multifaceted glory. What are you doing to make this a reality now? Befriend one from a different ethnic background so that you may understand their culture better. If they are not a believer, seek to share the Gospel with them, for they may be one of those who will gather before the Lord. View Resource

  • The Fullness of Prophecy Devotional

    Acts 2:14-39

    The impoverished life led by so many believers results from not walking in the power of the Spirit. Understand the importance of our union with Christ and of the Spirit’s work since Pentecost. Do not neglect, grieve, or quench His sanctifying, transforming work in your life. View Resource

  • What Was an Apostle? Devotional

    Acts 2:15-26

    Paul is suspect to many people. He is criticized for his leadership style, his certainty in matters of faith and practice, and his uncompromising stand for the Gospel. Paul takes prominence as the apostle in Acts. It is important that he be esteemed by all Christians. If you need to reevaluate your estimation of Paul, do so today. View Resource

  • Jesus the Lord Devotional

    Acts 2:36

    When we call Jesus “Lord,” we are saying many things. Chief among these is that He is our sovereign, and we owe Him alone absolute obedience. If we call Him “Lord” and yet do not want to keep His commandments, our confession of His lordship is spurious. Let us seek to obey His commandments today and to repent when we fall short of faithfulness. View Resource

  • Baptism and Forgiveness Devotional

    Acts 2:38

    Do you have trouble believing that God has forgiven you in Christ? Look to the water of baptism. Every time we see a baptism administered, we should be reminded of God’s promise to cleanse and forgive. The water of your baptism is God’s unbreakable promise to you to forgive you when you repent. Just as water washes dirt from our flesh, so the Spirit washes the filth of sin from our souls. View Resource