• Ready in All Seasons Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:1–2

    We do not appreciate enough those pastors who consistently proclaim the Word of God. It can be frustrating to deliver the same message over and over again to a congregation that just does not get it, but our leaders continue to labor even when little fruit is visible. May we not be those with whom our leaders are forced to have patience; rather, let us respect their decisions and seek to apply straight away the message of God’s Word that they deliver to us each week. View Resource

  • Tools for Bible Study Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:2

    An important work of the Holy Spirit is to illuminate the meaning of Scripture for us. One way He does this is by working through our diligent study of His Word, utilizing the commentaries of men He has raised up throughout history. When you sit down to study, do not neglect the tools the Spirit has given the church for understanding the Bible. View Resource

  • The Rise of Heresy Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:3–4

    Those of us who do not come from a Reformed background may sometimes foster grudges against those churches that have led us astray for so long. Instead, knowing that God said error would arise in the body, let us be grateful that He has allowed us to see His grace and work to proclaim these precious truths to others with much love and patience. May we also remember that we too have not finally “arrived” at an exhaustive knowledge of God. View Resource

  • A Call to Sober-Mindedness Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:5

    Paul’s charge for Timothy to “fulfill” his ministry is a charge to the young man to remain true to his calling and live out his vocation with steadfastness. It is language used to speak of keeping a promise or paying back a debt, so a life of consistent service to the Lord is how we fulfill our vows to serve Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. What are the distractions that keep you from fulfilling your vocation? How can you avoid them in your ministry? View Resource

  • Paul’s Final Offering Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:6–8

    Matthew Henry comments, “It is the character of all the saints that they long for the appearing of Jesus Christ: they love his second appearing at the great day; love it, and long for it.” We quickly grow content with the transient comforts of this life, but a love for Christ’s coming motivates us to do good works that will gain an everlasting reward. May we all long for and work in light of the imminent return of the Savior. View Resource

  • True Assurance Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:8

    Revelation 12:10 calls Satan “the accuser of our brothers” because he loves to bring up our sin and use it to make us doubt our salvation. The Holy Spirit will convict us of sin, but He does not do so in a way that makes us despair of ever finding assurance. Satan, on the other hand, will try to convince us that true assurance is impossible, so when we hear such a charge, we can know that it comes from the devil, not from the Lord. View Resource

  • Paul’s Desire to See Timothy Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:9–13

    Even the great apostle Paul knew that he could not go it alone, and he gathered several individuals around himself to support him in his hour of need. We too must recognize the need for Christian fellowship in our lives and surround ourselves with Christian brothers and sisters who will encourage us and pray for us. Do you have a close circle of Christian friends who support you? Are you befriending others in your church that you might support them? View Resource

  • Strength from the Lord Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:14–17

    Even Paul did not have anyone to stand behind him on his day of trial, so we should not be surprised if people likewise abandon us in our times of need. Still, we should be the kind of people who are faithful to our friends and who are willing to stand with them even when it might be uncomfortable to do so. Let us be those willing to walk through the fire with our friends, that we may be found dependable in their hour of need. View Resource

  • Paul’s Final Rescue Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:18

    God has made us creatures of body and spirit, and that is how we will enjoy the final state in the new heavens and earth. Every blemish in these bodies of ours, every ache and pain and disease will be gone and no longer will we have the desire or capacity to sin. This is what we should be longing for above all, not the comforts of this world that are temporary but the everlasting pleasures of living in the unmediated presence of the Lord God Almighty Himself. View Resource

  • Come before Winter Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:19–21

    Were Timothy to delay his journey too long, he would not be able to get to Paul before winter. Similarly, when we delay serving the Lord, we may miss opportunities to be used by God in service to other people. When we make commitments to others, not least the Lord, let us fulfill them quickly. We should not put off until tomorrow what can be done today, lest we miss a chance to do some good for the kingdom. View Resource

  • A Final Word of Grace Devotional

    2 Timothy 4:22

    We often speak of the Lord’s grace in converting us, but we should never forget that our dependence on His grace never ends. When we sin, we lean on His grace to forgive and restore us. His grace assures us that we will never go through anything beyond our ability to handle. In imitation of our father, we should show grace to others, forgiving their offenses against us. We should also overlook their faults just as God bears patiently with us. View Resource