• Israel Anoints David Devotional

    2 Samuel 5:1–10

    It took many centuries for the fulfillment of God’s promise to hand over the land of the Jebusites to Israel. But it did happen in the days of David. God’s timing is rarely our timing, but He is never slow to keep His promises. Thus, we should not give up praying for God to act, and we should not cease believing His promises even when He seems to tarry in bringing them to pass. View Resource

  • David the Great Devotional

    2 Samuel 5:1-10

    Who are your heroes? What characteristics make them great in your eyes? Are these characteristics of true greatness? Pray today that God will raise up men and women who are truly great in their reliance upon and submission to Him. Pray that Christians would follow such people, not the superficially great ones of the world. View Resource

  • The Lord Establishes David Devotional

    2 Samuel 5:11–25

    God was faithful to His promises to David even though David was not completely faithful to Him. That is a great encouragement to us that the Lord will be faithful to us even though we are often unfaithful. It also encourages us to look for a better king than David. The ultimate faithfulness to God and His people is seen in His raising up Jesus Christ to rule and to reign over us without any hint of sin. Let us worship Him this day. View Resource