• David’s Song of Deliverance Devotional

    2 Samuel 22:1–20

    The Lord frequently delights to preserve us in more ordinary ways. In fact, we likely escape many dangers that we are never aware of because God is guarding us in ordinary ways—for example, perhaps the alarm never goes off and makes us run late so as to keep us from being involved in a car accident that would have occurred had we been on time. Let us thank the Lord for His protection, including the protection we never see. View Resource

  • The Righteousness of David Devotional

    2 Samuel 22:21–31

    Just as those who blatantly reject the Lord have no right to expect His assistance, those who serve God can legitimately expect His rescue, for He promises to be faithful to faithful people. His rescue may not look the same in every case, but when we pray for deliverance, we should pray trusting that He will rescue us. He is a very present help in trouble to those who fear Him (Ps. 46:1). View Resource

  • Kindness to the Lord’s Anointed Devotional

    2 Samuel 22:32–51

    The Christological significance of 2 Samuel 22 also shows us where we can expect deliverance. God does not necessarily promise to rescue us from all our problems and make them go away. He does promise to deliver those who are on the side of His Anointed—Jesus Christ—and from the foes that attack Christ and His church. Ultimately, the resurrection will mean the end of all our difficulties, but in this life we will have trouble, and God will be with us. View Resource