• David’s Return to Jerusalem Devotional

    2 Samuel 19:1–23

    David’s loyal supporters were disheartened when the king mourned overtly for the one who had tried to kill him. Though we will likely not face the same kind of trouble that David did, we should likewise be aware that people can grow disheartened when we do not show our appreciation for them. Especially if we serve in leadership, we should endeavor to show our appreciation for those who assist us. View Resource

  • Signs of Trouble to Come Devotional

    2 Samuel 19:24–43

    As we will see, Israel would be divided into two kingdoms after the death of Solomon. However, signs of the future division were evident as early as David’s reign. When we are facing trouble, we can often look back and see that potential danger was evident for a long time. We do well to look out for hints of trouble in the present so that they do not become more significant problems in the future. View Resource