• Absalom Makes a Play for the Throne Devotional

    2 Samuel 15:1–17

    In many ways, it seems surprising that David could be so blind to the intent of his son. Yet if parents are not careful, they can overlook the actions of their children that reveal their motives. Parents should be asking the Lord for the wisdom necessary to understand their children, and others in the church should, as they are able, help parents not to overlook the misbehavior of their children. View Resource

  • David Flees Jerusalem Devotional

    2 Samuel 15:18–37

    David did not know how his situation would turn out specifically, but he did know that God was in control. That trust in God’s sovereignty did not lead to passivity but to wise action according to what he could see at the time. Our wise planning and trusting in the Lord’s providence are not opposed. In fact, we are not really trusting in God when we fail to plan wisely and to do what His revealed will tells us to do. View Resource