• David’s Great Sin Devotional

    2 Samuel 11:1-12:14

    A man after God’s heart loves the things God loves and the ways He prescribes. Though he may deviate from those ways at times, he will return—for God will not let him rest in his sin. All true children of God will be called back to Him when they wander. Has this happened to you? Thank God that He seeks His wandering lambs. View Resource

  • The Sin of David Devotional

    2 Samuel 11:1–12:23

    God mercifully forgave David when he acknowledged his sin, but this does not mean his transgression had no consequences. David also worshiped the Lord even after these consequences were brought to pass (2 Sam. 12:15b–23), showing that He acknowledged his guilt and the justice of God’s verdict. Do you harbor lingering bitterness toward the Lord over the consequences you suffer from your sin? Worship Him today and declare to Him that He is just. View Resource

  • Heartfelt Intercession Devotional

    2 Samuel 12:15–17

    At times of great need, our normal instinct is to work harder or look for human aid. These can be good things, but our best course is to stop everything and seek God with our whole hearts, as David does in this passage. Do you know of a great need in your life or that of another? Make it a matter of earnest prayer today. View Resource