• Jehu Anointed King-of Israel Devotional

    2 Kings 9:1–13

    Dr. R.C. Sproul frequently observed that believing in God is easy but believing God is much harder. It is difficult to continue trusting in God’s promises, for so often the Lord seems to delay their fulfillment. This is especially true of His promise to set all things right and to destroy all His and our enemies. But just as the Lord fulfilled His promise to end Ahab’s line, so will He fulfill His promise to consummate His kingdom. What seems to be a delay is not a denial. View Resource

  • Naboth Avenged Devotional

    2 Kings 9:14–37

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage that we must “see the end of pride and cruelty, and say, The Lord is righteous.” It is good and right when criminals receive the punishment they deserve. We must not let our empathy for them keep us from pursuing justice when it is right to do so. We can even forgive them, but that does not mean that we ignore the demands of justice. View Resource