• Jehoiachin and Zedekiah Devotional

    2 Kings 24:8–17

    The last four kings of Judah were caught in a downward spiral of wickedness that ultimately resulted in the Babylonian exile. They were trapped in a cycle of sin from which they could not escape. This should serve as a warning to us. Although God may graciously intervene at any time, it is easy for people to get stuck in a pattern of sin that continues from generation to generation. Let that motivate us to seek righteousness for ourselves and for our children. View Resource

  • Jerusalem Captured Devotional

    2 Kings 24:18–25:21

    The Lord is patient and often delays His judgment for what seems to be a long time. Thus, people often think His judgment is never coming. As Christians, we do not fear eternal punishment, yet the Lord’s patience with us can tempt us to think that harsh discipline for continued sin will never come. Yet, the Lord will not tolerate serious sin forever. So, let us turn from our transgressions at the soonest opportunity lest we feel the weight of discipline. View Resource