• The Lord Heals Hezekiah Devotional

    2 Kings 20:1–11

    When we pray, we must remember that God is sovereign and will answer us according to His eternal purposes. That does not mean, however, that we should not be earnest in prayer. Hezekiah prayed earnestly, and he was healed. We should express our needs to God earnestly as well, knowing that He just may grant us what we ask. View Resource

  • Hezekiah’s Foolish Decision Devotional

    2 Kings 20:12–21

    Hezekiah’s rather selfish response to Isaiah’s prophecy about the fall of his sons shows how even those who follow God still fall into sin (2 Kings 20:19). One of the sins with which we commonly struggle is the temptation not to trust in the Lord but in our own talents or alliances with others. Where do you find it difficult to trust God? Ask Him to help you believe Him and act according to the promises in His Word. View Resource

  • The Need for a Better King Devotional

    2 Kings 20:12-21

    Whether we are reading about a good king such as Hezekiah or one of the evil kings of Judah or Israel, our study of the Old Testament Historical Books should drive us to recognize our need of Christ, the only true and perfect King. Other leaders in the church, in the government, and elsewhere will fail us even if they are relatively righteous overall. Only Jesus will never fail His people. Only He is worthy of unqualified adoration and service. View Resource