• Israel Falls to Syria Devotional

    2 Kings 17:1–23

    In light of the full witness of Scripture, we must see Israel’s exile as foreshadowing the exile of those who do not submit to God as Lord. At the last day, all who have not repented and turned to Christ will be cast into hell, the place where the Lord is present to curse, not to bless. God is patient, but those who die without trusting in Christ will have no share in eternal blessedness. That should motivate us to trust Jesus and exhort others to do the same. View Resource

  • Israel’s Sons in Exile Devotional

    2 Kings 17:1–23

    “It is time for judgment to begin at the household of God” (1 Peter 4:17). Sometimes God shakes the church when He brings judgment, punishing those who falsely claim to believe and disciplining those who truly confess Jesus as the resurrected Lord. Righteous men living in wicked nations may also suffer when the Lord judges those nations. We should not be dismayed at this, but trust God’s sovereign wisdom that is working to renew once for all His fallen creation. View Resource

  • The Consequences of Sin Devotional

    2 Kings 17:1-23

    If we are in Christ, we need not fear that we will be exiled from the blessed presence of God forever. However, God may still discipline us for our sin, and we may feel the effects of His disciplinary rod on the covenant community just as the righteous remnant went into exile along with the unfaithful Israelites. But if we live a life of repentance, we will learn from the Lord’s discipline and experience joy even in our pain and struggle. View Resource

  • Idolatry Continues Devotional

    2 Kings 17:24–41

    Although today’s passage paints a bleak picture of continuing idolatry, there is a faint note of hope with the reminder that God will deliver those who fear Him from their enemies (2 Kings 17:39). This was the lesson that the original readers of this book, who were living in exile, were to learn. It remains a lesson for us as well. Deliverance from one’s enemies is possible only if one remains committed to the Lord and the true worship of God. View Resource