• Amaziah Reigns in Judah Devotional

    2 Kings 14:1–22

    Amaziah shows us once again that a half-hearted commitment to God and His Word often leads to grosser sin later on. Amaziah did not tear down the high places as he should have, and later he adopted the worship of Edom’s gods. If we are not diligent in our obedience to the Lord, we may likewise descend into more significant sins. Let us endeavor to be faithful to God in all things, even the little things, so that we do not fall further. View Resource

  • Northern Decline Accelerates Devotional

    2 Kings 14:23-29

    Matthew Henry points to the Lord’s blessing on Israel despite the nation’s wickedness as reason for us to turn to the Lord: “Let those whose case is pitiable take comfort from the divine pity; … [the Lord] is full of compassion.” We dare not take advantage of the Lord’s pity as Israel did, but His willingness to show it reveals that He is eager to bless us when we turn to Him. There is no sin that He will not forgive if we turn to Christ for pardon. View Resource